love/confuse story part 7

hey its lol here saying you guys rock and thanks for taking my quizzes

do you think u look bettert with justin ? how about josh or tyler and why please rate and comment on who u look better with and why ? and josh is the romantic sweet loving guy justin skater and loving tyler jokerster and also loving and mean tooo

Created by: lol

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  1. then josh asked u"werent u going to kiss me ?" then u blush and say"ya" then u lean in and he leans in then u guys kiss and then he says "i love u so much" then u say " i love u too" then u see justin hugging sami and u also see tyler getting mad how do u feel her hugging ur ex?
  2. then josh said"wanna dance ?" u reply"yes" then how will u dance with josh?
  3. then u dance however u want then sami pulls u away and she tell josh"brb" then she tells u "omg omg guess what?" u say "what?" and she says"justin asked me out!!!" and u asked " what did u say" then she answers " yes of course" then u say"im happy for u!" then she says"thanks best friend well i have to go bye ttyl" then u go with josh and he asked "whats up?" then u say"sami is going out justin" then josh said" oh ok" then he leans in and he kiss u on the lips and how do u feel ?
  4. then after the kiss tyler went up to u and asked"do u love me?" then what would u say?
  5. then u say"no i love josh " and tyler said"whatever" then u say"why have u been acting like a b****?" then tyler say"shut up dont talk to me" then u say"u were the one who started the conversation!?!?" then he walks away and u go tell josh everytthing that happen and he said"hes a jerk and u know that"then he gives u a hug then how do u feel?
  6. then u leave the party because ur mom arrived to pick u up how will u say good bye to josh?
  7. u wake up and its time for school and what would u wear to school?
  8. then u go to school with ur beautiful outfit but then u run into tyler and u have knock his books what will u do?
  9. u be a nice girl and help tyler out then he says "thanks and im sorry" then u say"its ok im sorry too" he says "its ok and will u ever fall in love with me?" what will u say?
  10. u say "well if u ask me every fiee minutes i probably wont but if u be patient idk maybe or maybe not" then he smiles and says"thanks but im going to try be friends with u" u reply "ok and thanks" then he leaves then josh comes and say"hey sweetie u look great" u says"thanks u do too" he says "thanks well gtg love ya" he kiss u and runs off to class then what r u thinking?
  11. then u talk to tyler during clas and u ask him"will u try to be friends with josh,it will make me really happy" then tyler answered "yes but only cuz it makes u happy" what r u thinking?
  12. then u go to ur next class and relized that justin is ur lab partner then justin asked u "sooo u love josh?" then u answered"sure i guess" then u continued"do u love sami?" and he says"no i still love u,___" what r u thinking?
  13. thats it for today!!!!!!! would u want me to continue writing these quizzes?(no effect)
  14. can u relate to this quiz?if u can please comment if not then ok (no Effect)

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