Love at Creepy Pasta Part 2

h e l l o t h i s p a r t 2 o f t h e c r e e p y p a s t a q u i z z e s. I h o p e y o u a r e e n j o y i n g t h e m. I h a t e w r i t i n g i n t h i s p a r t.


Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You were sitting opposite Sally and was pulling faces at her making her giggle. "I have decided that Toby will take Psyko out for hunting because there are teens to close to finding our existance..." "Sure slendy when you want them into smytherins?" you asked with your eye twitching. "After dinner..." You quickly ate and got your knife and camera. "C'mon, C'mon, C'mon!" you shouted shoving Tovy out of the door.
  2. You jumped and grabbed the branch of a tree knife in your mouth. You could hear the drunken laughter of teenagers. Toby crouched next to you. " I take the girls you take the boys?" you whispered he nodded pulling his mouth mask over his mouth.
  3. Ok I'm going to skip the gruesome part../
  4. You had just finished taking the last shot of your destroyed victim's. There was a rattle in the bush you turned and then you were on the floor with toby on top of you.
  5. His mouth mask was ripped so it was useless. His breath smelt like waffles. Your eyes were locked. He tried to get himself up but you pulled him down and kissed him.
  6. He was stunned at first and he has no experience you pulled back gasping for breath his eyes filled with shock but he was smiling. "W-we shoul go Slendy's probably worried." he stuttered you smiled and sat up.
  7. You walked back side by side. He kept on talking about waffles. You finally reached the Slender mansion. "Slendy?" there was a girl the you'd never seen. She had red eyes and brown hair with a pink blood stained dress. She was sitting next to Jack. "Ah your back! Lazari this is Psyko and toby" Slenderman came in and introduced yourself. "Hi" you said waving she beamed. "Where's Sally?" you asked still staring at the new girl. "She's with my younger sibling surrender.....for a while" "O-ok" "Can you take Lazari out to play" "We just got back!" Toby said "Do you want Psyko to watch an eight year old? I think the answer is in the name." "Wow thanks for the first impression" she laughed and Toby sighed.
  8. The girl grabbed your hand and led you outside. "WOW!" she gasped. "She's so damn cute" Toby whispered. "It's blue" you turned around and she picked up a blue rock. "Look's like Jack right?" she nodeed as you got you knife out and made the shape of his eyes on his mask.
  9. "Hey kid" you both looked up and saw Ben. "Looks like Jeff right?" She nodded and took the rock. "We should go inside" you said holding Lazarri's hand who was desperately trying to hold her rocks. You picked her up and walked her into the house.
  10. You went to the loungeroom where Ben and jack were playing video games. "You suck blind man" Ben said as he used a smash attack on Jack. "Can I have a go?" you asked. Jack handed you a remote. 3HOURSLATER. "And that's how you-hey thats cheating!" you said as Ben went into the game. You still beat him. He came out You were cheering. He grabbed you by the waist and kissed you. You pulled back. "Night Ben" you said waving.

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