Love and Darkness part three

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please rate the quiz and comment.. I want to know what you think about it. And who's your favorite character so far?? Thanks for everything. Have a good time oh by the way.. i will change chad's photo cause he s not like that.. hope you like the other 2 photos

Chad: He has dark brown hair and brown eyes with a tiny piercing on his left eye brow. He is tall with decent muscles with a light tan that really turn the heads of the girls around. Has an amazing smile when he plays with the guitar. Randy: he has golden somewhat- long hair, light hazel eyes, and red lips. He has graceful muscles for taking dance classes for some time. Ray: short blond hair, red lips, amazing blue eyes with pale skin. He is tall with a very puffed up body full of muscles. He is taking sports seriously.

Created by: maxy

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  1. "you see? ------ you everything to me" said he with sadness. "but ahh.." I got interrupted by him kissing my lips with passion.. I kissed him too.. then a tear fell down my cheek.. Chad opened his eyes and saw the tear. Then he pulled himself away from me "I am sorry ----- I did not mean to hurt you. forgive me please" he said then left.
  2. I was stunned for long few minutes. I was wondering whether or not I call or even run after him. Then I decided to check on him in the morning hoping he calms down then. So I went to take a somewhat- cold shower to freshen up after this long dramatic day. While in shower I thought I heard some knocking on the door. I tried to be sure but there's nothing! . I finished my shower.
  3. Then I went to my bed and got under the silky light blue sheet. I slept right away.. then I woke up around 2 am feeling like I wasn’t alone in the room. I looked around but too dark to see a thing. I tried to calm myself down and finally managed to get back to sleep.
  4. Its 9am. I was fully dressed (blue jeans with silver top and my hair goes down my back). I decided to go to Chad before I go to my class.
  5. I am standing in front of Chad's apartment, feeling nervous. Then I managed to knock the door with steady hand. No one answered. I knocked again "come in, its open" Chad yelled from inside. I smiled, opened the door and walked in slowly without making a sound. I was looking for Chad who seemed to be in his bed room. I heard him singing while playing with his guitar. It was a very lovely song about a boy and girl fell in love. I stood there silently and listened to his sweet singing voice. Then Chad suddenly stopped as he saw me in the mirror was placed behind me. (stupid mirror) I thought to myself. Chad placed the guitar next to him on the bed. "----- I didn’t think you d come here!" he said with surprise. I can tell he was trying to stay calm.
  6. I walked few steps so I could see him directly.. he looked gorgeous.. he s topless and still wearing his pajamas pants. Now I see his chest full of muscles, not to forget about that tattoo which now appears to be a colorful dragon on the top of his chest. (Damn) thought to myself, I could hardly move my eyes away. Then I stepped into the bedroom and walked straight to him then sat on the bed (putting the guitar between Chad and me).
  7. he was looking at the ground looking so nervous and crossing his arms near his chest. I smiled and looked at Chad directly. "I came to see you Chad.. I was worried about you.. did not mean to upset you" I said. He looked at me trying to smile "don’t worry about me -----" he said and looked back at the ground. I tilted my head to the side placing one hand on the bed and the other on my knee. "oh Chad.. I do worry about's just you surprised me and never thought I d be your type, or even had a clue that you think about me like that!" I said with calm voice. He looked at me with big surprise and his eyes wide opened "not my type? You are every man's dream! Seriously?" he asked.
  8. I looked deep into his eyes. Then he suddenly touched my hand after hesitance. I looked at his hand then smiled to him. I pulled my hand from his. He gasped softly... he was very nervous not knowing what to do but gazing at my face. He was trying to know what I m thinking about. I pushed the guitar away and sat near him. Then I touched his face with my palm and whispered to him "all you had to do is just ask!" then I kissed his cheek very softly just to tease him.
  9. I was moving away from him but he grabbed my waist with his firm hands "where you think you're going -----?" he asked laughing. "I can't believe what just happened!" he said. Then he pushed me against the bed and leaned over my body. I tried to hide my smile, of course, I failed.
  10. "what you're trying to do" I asked. He looked at me with a playful smile "ahhh I am making my day-----". I touched his cheek with my finger tips. Then he leaned even closer till he kissed me. I closed my eyes and kissed him too. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him gently to me. he placed his hand around my waist and the other was touching my face. My lips were getting so hot. I felt all the blood going up to them. He pulled apart just to see my face. I was feeling hot as my lips grew so red. He asked "are you alright -----?". I couldn’t say a word as I was out of breath. Just pushed myself up against him to kiss him one more time.
  11. After a minute he laid next to me on the bed and looked at me with a very big smile. I looked at him too and smiled back. "good morning" said I. "good morning beautiful" he said as a whisper while reaching out his hand to play with my hair.. Then I moved my hand to reach him and tickled him, or tried to.. he gave me a playful amazing smile "that’s your best -----?" he said. Then he tickled me so hard I almost shout to make him stop "OH CHAD STOP PLEASE STOP, STOP!". Then he did. Kissed me on the lips "I'll take a quick shower then take you to the college.. unless you want to join me in the shower!" he smiled. I only pushed him away trying to hide my smile "don’t flatter yourself" told him.
  12. After a while, Chad dropped me off and drove away. I walked through the garden to reach the compass. I saw Randy from a distance talking to Judy. So I went the other way avoiding him for a while. I was walking and looking behind me making sure that Randy hadn’t seen me. then, suddenly I hit someone was standing near me. "ouch" I said with little pain in my shoulder.
  13. Then I looked up and saw Ray was the one whom I hit. "sorry I was not paying attention" I said. He smiled lightly with his sweet lips "no worries.. are you hurt?" he asked while he knelt down to gather my books.." I ahhhh" that’s all I could come up with that moment. I didn’t know what to say.. "I said no worries" he cut me through and stood up. He handed over the books. "thanks" I finally said.. he just smiled "I'm Ray" he said as he gave me his palm to shake hands so I did the same "-----" I said.
  14. "how come we never talked before ------?". He asked. "um don’t know maybe we never had crossed paths before!" I said with a smile. "funny you said that!" Then he pulled me so fast so I fell into his arms and grabbed me tight. "I have to do this -----" he said.. "please don’t be mad at me for this?" he continued.. "what the heck are you doing? Let me go! And mad for what exactly?" I said with huge surprise mixed with anger.
  15. He then kissed me with passion.. I felt my lips were melting.. I couldn't resist.. I had this feeling before.. like I knew him for long time.. "give in ------" he whispered with a firm tone nearly as an order against my lips and kissed me again. I stopped resisting and kissed him back. Then looked at him and closed my eyes very fast..
  16. I felt something strange that’s been crawling inside of my veins.. I know this feeling but can't remember where or how? I just seem no longer to control my body. It feels like something inhabited my body. Something strange but a good strange. Like the white cloud in summer days. Then I saw some kinds of flash backs of my childhood, many memories of me and my family.
  17. through the flash backs, I saw Ray been around me all this time.. he looks exactly the same..not sure what kind of trick is this and why. Not even why was he acting so weird..? Then he pulled his face a little back and looked at me.. "that’s all I could show you at the moment -----" he said as he was stepping back slowly while I was amazed with all that happened.. "I will tell you soon.. I promise" he said. "what? No sir I want answers to my questions right now" I demanded. "I will be around when you need me" said he then pointed at the direction on my left.
  18. . I heard some strange sound behind me. I looked at the direction but there s nothing at all. I looked towards Ray but he was gone! I couldn’t believe what just happened. Am I getting crazy? What was that all about?

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