love and bloood 8: the field

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Created by: bla city

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  1. lets recap..... you have a weird dream and dainen's watching and then danny kisses you and it burns. k?
  2. you are sitting on the stairs like before and the foot steps come closer. you are sitting there on the stairs looking stupid when race picks you up and brings to the libray. he sets you down and looks at you in the eyes."I know the 8 days hear have been pretty hard here and you probably want to go home. but I love to much for that to happen so I help you in any way I can." once his finished his speech, he got up and walked to a piano sat down and started to play the most beautiful music. I felt you were going to fall aleep. you walked over to race and put your head on his sholder as he played his solo. Then you fell asleep on him.
  3. you wake up and he is still playing the panio. he was there and didn't look at you."Mourning sleeping beauity." you smiled. kanan comes in and sees you with him. he looks doutful and walks away shaking his head.
  4. you run after kanan and when you chach up, you hold his shoulder and he stops. you walk in front of him and he had his head down to the floor. you smile a bit and he looked up at you. "I know you want to spend time with me and now is your chance. Your the person I need to talk to right now." He smiles really big and sweeps you off you off your feet. you can tell he's happy.
  5. you are now in his room and you are laying with him on his bed very close togeher. you see lots of things in his room like calm colors and books and a desk with some papers on the top. then, you see a perfect picture of you on his wall. you break out of his arms and walk to the paper and take it down. It had a date. It said 1845. you turn around."Race, what is this?" he frezzed and takes from you and puts it in a dark spot and locks it. and trows the key out the window.
  6. then you leave. you hear your name bing called but you go on your way to lauran.
  7. then you disapear and you find your self in a feild like the one in your dream but there was no justin or wiggls or anything like that. but just a young man that was drinking tea in a chair outside. he sees you and another chair pops up. you walk up and sit down. then, you noticed there was no nouice at all coming through the trees, just the soft sound of the wind. but, that was not all that made you interested, the young man in a chair drinking tea in a fancty cup in the middle of no where. that's what made you want to stay here.
  8. he keeps looking at you and you looked back at him. he had cinnamann eyes and perfect eyelashes. he sucked down his tea and smacked his lips."would you like some?" you nod your head and some appears in your hand nice warm ready for drinking you take a sip and it tasted wonderful. perfect in every way.
  9. he looks at you like your going to say sometyhing then....
  10. bye

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