love and bloood 7

you are going to feel cunfused right now at the end. I got a little crazy in the dream part so don't feel like I am going insane. never trust your enemys. Don't drink and drive.

I don't know what to say so, don't drin and drive, live united, don't have 'it' early, lik say high school, and don't smoke or die. It's that simple.

Created by: bla city

  1. you see the shadow step closer. It's.................. race. He had control over the werewolfs. Why did he do it? "why?" you ask. "Why did you do it?" He laughs you got the wroung guy girl, im his twin.
  2. The other race walks into the room and the gasps and laughs like this is so funny. You look cufused. The rest of them laugh too. "I'm I missing something?" you ask. they laugh harder.
  3. Lauran stops laughing and tells you. "He is the other race. but, he is emo. he comes at leat once a year with his pack of wolfs. Then we always laugh in the end." "why?" "Privet joke." they sop laughing there heads off and look at you. "What's your name?" You ask the other race. "My name is danny."
  4. you go to sleep after a long day of lots of things.
  5. you have another dream again.
  6. You are in a golden field anbd you see justin beiber in a tree. He jumps down and says hi. then disapears.
  7. Then you hear lady gaga singing bad romance. But instead you see the wiggles jumping out of a bush, dancing to bad romance. then the purple dude, who always seems to be sleeping, turns into homer simpson, And eats a pink doughnut covered in sprinkles. Then a pig, that looks like Jessie McCartney falls from the sky. He takes Homer's doughnut and threw it at the yellow dude.
  8. You wake up and you start laughing. Then you notice someones watching you. "OMG!!! you are so funny!" It's dainen leaning on your wall near then said. "you were laughing when you were a sleep. It looked creepy.
  9. He kisses you and lays on your bed still laughing. he asks you what you dreamed about and you said it was a long story.
  10. he walks away and the others come in and laurans wearing a tux. that's cunfusing. they say you were laughing like crazy in your sleep. you say you already know that 'cuse dainen told you.
  11. You walk out of bed when danny comes over and looks in your eyes. he hovers over you...... You feel cunfused since you just met him, but you feel like you knew him for years. He kisses your forhead and it burns. "OW!" you say. he doesn'tsay anythign than walks away.
  12. You walk down the stairs and you see damen on the stairs. He's bleeding like crazy and holding his arm. "DAMEN!" then he disapears into thin air and your just sitting on the stairs like a stupid messed up person.when you hear people running up the stairs.

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