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  • I have a weird problem. When I laugh, I smack my face and flip my head around. If i'm standing, I fall over and really start ROFLing. (Is that even a word?) So when I read the dream thing, I smacked my face so bad that I actually poked at my eye. (Laughing is painful for me.) But, my point is.. GREAT quiz. It was funny.

  • .....You smack your face? Omg, that sucks. No offense, just saying. But, yeah i agree, this was halarious! Omg I wish i had dreams like that! I almost peed my pants! LOLOLOLOLOL!......S o, do you like not like laughing cuz you end up hurting yourself? Just curious.....MY FRIEND IS ALLERGIC TO MILK! Sorry, that was like a spaz attack.....


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