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bottoms up bottoms up what's in in your gotta cople of bottles throw throw your hands up tell security we gonna tear this club up. pocket full of green. girl you know I love the way you shake it in jeans.

hi, I don't know write. so ya. I am bord. And bla city hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffnfjekwnatrbewbrtuiei hi I am really bord and I need to go to the club and dance the energy away.

Created by: bla city

  1. you wake up with a bag over your head and your strapped to a chair. Someone takes the bag off your head and is standing in the shadows. he looks creepy. he says."You don't have to do this." you don't say anything but stare. he comes closer and steps out of the shadows and........................................mean while:"Guys what are we going to do?" asks race."I'm not sure" says lauran as kanan brings out bowls of pop corn and dainen walks in with the movie. When they all sit down lauran yells."That's it!" "What?" the others yell. Lauran disapears into the other parts of the house and brings back a pearly white stone."We can't use that, remember the time when...""But we have to if we are going to find _______. We can't just sit here a wait for her. because she might not come back. And I would do anyhting for her. even if it kills me." They all nod at lauran's speech and come closer to form a circle and put there hands on the stone.then they all start to grow long hairs on their backs and howled.
  2. He steps out of the shadows and there's damen. he looks beat up with scars all over his arms and face. he stod there looking at you."What happend to you?" you ask as he drops down to his knees and with his head on your thighs.then he started to talk. "I just want you to know that, I love you more than any thing in this world and that I would do anyhting for you.I only want you to be happy and live your life and peace.And-""Waht are you saying?"you ask."I'm just saing that I might not come back...and that I won't be able to say goodbye in time so I could see you." He starts to cry.You have tears coming down your face. then you both sit on his bed and you hold each other tightly and you put your head on his chest and your both just happy to be alive. his hands are near your but* for some aperent reason.
  3. he held you tightier and kissed your forhead. then he let you go a little and traced the tatoo on your neck you had since birth. he had the same one. but beore you could say anyhting, a loud bang came from the behind the door. Damen got up and walked out the door to see what it was. then, he jumped through the door and grabed you and you both landed to the far corner of the room farthest from the door.
  4. Then a fire red wolf came through the door. There was only one thing that looked like that."Dainen!" you yell. He shifts fast then comes over and runs to you. he picks you up and you kissing him like crazy. you can't stop. That must mean he missed you alot. the others come and shift fast oo and come to hug you and kiss you too. Then when that all stopped, they went over to damen."And he said."What were you thinking." but before he could speak you stepped in and spoke for him."He was thinking of me. he thought he could protect me from the dangers of werewolfs and damon.He tried too. and he started to say good bye. And that was probably a big part of it too."
  5. They nod and kanan says "well, if we are going to stop damon from killing you then we have to go extrem.and propare for the worst." the rest of them nod and they bring you home. damen comes too and has a room.
  6. but, you have another dream.
  7. You fall a sleep and have a good dream, but it doesn't turn out that way.
  8. You start to drift off to sleep when you see damon again.
  9. who do you like?
  10. rate and comment please

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