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  • NOOOOOOOOOOO! Why do all good things come to an end?!?! These stories are awesome! I read all 18 in 2 nights! (about 2 hours xD)

    Race and eljah are cool :3

    And i wanna know who the weird guy in the basement is.

    And i dont want the story to be a dream D: nooo xD

  • I DON'T WANT THE SERIES TO END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! *sniffles* DON'T END PLEASE!!!!!!!!! *cries for 3 weeks*, im sorry, im upset because these awesome quizes are over..... :..(

  • NOOOOOOOO!!!! DON'T END THIS STORY SO EARLY!!! And please don't make this just be a dream.... Pleasedon'tpleasedo n'tpleasedon't!!! If it is, then you could, like, in the end make me meet all the guys again, but not just in a dream, but real, and not make me die? I know this is a lot I'm begging you to do, but let's just say I'd not be very happy if this was just a dream...

  • next part next part but i don't really want to see that this series is ENDING *cries*

  • yayy! 1st 1 2 comment! i luv race! cnt wait till the finally but still can cuz i

    willow XD
  • its gret... :D


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