love and bloood 18 :the final chapter, or so it seems?

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It's almost over. The epic series is coming to an end. This is the second to last one, that's full of romance, advencher, and much much more! get ready for the last and final epic fannalliy.

Created by: bla city

  1. You keep packing and thinking long and hard about your long lost brother. Damen. It apins you to think about what might happen to him, or what has happened to him.You put down your things, and sneaked by the guys bedrooms, into the downstairs. This would be the last time you would ever see this palce again. You run out the door, and into the warm summer air, and shut the door.
  2. You turn around and see eljah. The guy you saw from a dream a long time ago. "Eljah? Is that you?" He nodded and you walked forward. " So your a real person? Not just from my dream?" He nodded again,and you both started to walk into the orange and yellow senary. "_______,I've come to tell you something. something that could save us all." You look at him. His eyes were still the same shade of cinnamin, you remeber. "What could I do?" He looked at you with stone hard eyes.
  3. He looks at you, and then at the ground and smiled. "It would make everyone happy, even me." You looked at him more and stopped walking. "What are you trying to tell me?" You ask. He looks at you again, and laughs. "It's a crazy idea, but what if this was really all just a dream. That none of us really ever happend." You were taken back. "I know this is not a dream, i know it isn't!" You yell. "Well, have you ever tryed wakeing up? Not even once?" You laughed. "No. And there is no reason too. And even if this was, why would I want to go back to my other world, when I'm perfecly happy here?" "Because you die in the end ____. You die trying to save your half brother, damen.That's how the story goes, then the end!" He said. You said nothing. What if this really was only a dream? A long a hard dream, that simply had nothing to do with life it's self? "_____, I'm only here to guide you in the right derection. Can you just try to wake up for me? Please?" You blink,then pincch your self. Nothing happened. "see? what did I tell you! It's real!"
  4. Elijah kisses you, and you feel warmth flow through your body. The kiss grew cold, then deep, then light. Everyhting at once touching your lips. A big flash of light, then............CLIFAHNGER!!!! sorry.
  5. that's it for now.
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  9. worm
  10. bye! I had to girbberish to cover the quiestions.

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