Supernatural Love Story- The Final Chapter

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In a world of the supernatural, things are not always what they appear. You will go on a journey, to pick who you will give your heart to, but if you pick the wrong person, it could be the end for you...

Your life will become twisted so, choose carefully. Listen to your heart. And most importantly: Remember, stereotypes aren't always true... or are they? ;)

Created by: LolliePop1

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  1. A lightening jolt runs through Andrew, and he jerks and spazzes to the ground. "Andrew! No!," you shout, but you can't reach out to him for the black fire holds you to the wall. He lies on the ground in a heap as black smoke runs off his body. Jonathan sees his brother dead, and runs away as fast as he can down the corridor. You are realeased from the wall, and you fall down on top of Andrew. you jump off of him and turn him over to see his face, which looks as cold and lifeless as Brett's. Everyone you have ever loved is dead or gone. You feel like dying yourself. Why couldn't Jonathan just have killed you then? Why did it all have to end this way? You feel Andrew's soft face, and whisper his name through your tears. You hold his hands in yours, and feel the charred skin. So this was who held the thing which killed you dead. Only the thing which could kill you, didn't, and instead killed him.
  2. You lay your head onto a chest which isn't beating. You sob until the tears will no longer come, and your basically wheezing. He was so young. And he was so good. This wasn't how it was supposed to end for him. You beasically murdered a saint... or close to it. You had murdered your gurdian angel. The tears stream down your cheeks. This wasn't how your life was supposed to go. This wasn't supposed to happen. After years it seemed of crying and lying on top of Andrew's lifless body, he lgihtsup white all over, and disinigrates into thin air. Only God knows where he is now. As a matter of face, God was a jerk. He let so many bad things happen to so many good people. Good people like Andrew.
  3. You now know that things had to end for you. Too many horrible things had happened at your hands. You had to be ended before you could do anything worse, thoguh it was hard to imagine what could be. Hell should be an easy place to end your life. It was the capital of death afterall. You only wanted to end it yourself, and not be killed by some demon after you to free all the souls. You pull yourself up off the ground, and wipe your nose. You decid to head down the lon hallway, and you run through all the bad things you did,while you peep your head into dorrways to look for a spare noose, gun, knife, or some method you could use to kill yourself. You can't seem to find anything, but before you know it your at the same creepy garden you passed through when you entered. A picture of the lake that smelled of gasoline enters thoruhg your mind. That was it, that was how you were going to die. You could drown yourself in the lake, it would be easy.
  4. You step to the edge of the lake, and slowly walk in. The lake is a steady excline so you slowly walk down as the gas rises up on you. It smells terrible, and you begin to feel nauseous from inhaling the fumes. You up to the top of your neck now, inthe pungent liquid. One more step and it would be over. "The world will be so better off without me," you say out loud, and you raise your foot to end your life. "Never," says a voice behind you, and you turn around because you recognize it.. There David stands at the edge of the lake looking at you with love, even though you know how terrible you are. You didn't deserve his love now.
  5. "David," you cry, "just go away. I don't deserve to lie anymore. I killed and hurt so many people. I'm just paying my dues." You feel terrible, but's what has o be done. "You better stop right now, (your name) or i'm jumping in there and getting you. And I really don't want to do that because that stuff smells terrible. but you know I will if i have to." You know that he isn't lying, so you sigh and truge out of the smelly lake. As you get to right beside him, he flicks his finger and your clothes are instanly dry and clean. "...Thanks, I guess, but you know as soon as you leave I'm going to try this again. It may not be in the same way, but I'll always be trying. You can't stop me forever." He takes you by the shoulders, and pulls his face close to yours, "but what if I never leave?" he asks. You hesitate, unsure of what to say. The proximity of his lips doing things to your brain, no matter how traumatized you are over Andrew and Brett's death. I have to show you something," he says, and he picks you up.
  6. In a flash of fire, you're on top of a cliff looking off into the radiant pink orange and yellow sunset. The cliff slopes down hundreds of feet into the clear blue ocean and sharp rocks. A cool forst sits behind you. David sets you down multiple feet from the edge, and sits down close to you. "Great. Bring me to a place I can kill myself easily...," you say. David ignores that remark, and instead looks into your eyes with such love and understanding that you lose the will to die all together at one time. Your eyes tear up, and you mumble, "David I'm so sorry...," as he wraps his arms around you. You cry into his chest, and he comfortingly runs his hand down your hair. "(Your name) I will always love you no matter what happens, and no matter what you've done. Everything about you is beautiful, and I will never stop loving you, even if you can never let yourself love me back. But one thing I can't do is watch you die. It would kill me. It might be selfish of me, but if you died I would have nothing in this world. You're the only good things that's ever happened to me.... I love you." he says. You lift your face up and stare into his clear innocent eyes. Everything feels right. When you're with David, every terrible thing you've ever done is erased, and you can feel like truley you again." David... I love you," you say.
  7. He leans in, and his lips are only a few inches from yours. This is it. This is your destiny. you can finally be with your love. He leans closer, and just when you think his lips are about to touch yours everythin goes black....
  8. A few short moments later your eyes open and you're in your bed back at your house. Your real house, not the house of Purgatta. What had happened? Where was David? The cliff? Everything was just gone. A knock on your door jerks you from your thoughts, and your friend Lindsey with her boyfriend Kelcey walk through the door. It felt like such a long time since you had seen her, she was like only a memory. "Come ON!, (your name), were' going be late to see 'The Kiss of Love'", says Lindsey. when she sees the confused look on your face she says, "the movie?!?! remember!?!!?," You must still be blank for she say," Ughh. we'll be waiting in the car. Be out in two minutes. TWO MINUTES!!." she stalks out of the room pulling Kelcey along behind her with a scowl on her face.Could it really all have been a dream whwn it felt so real? You shake your head and rub your eyes a few times, and it still feels like more than a fantasy. Great. So now you were crazy. You swing your legs over your bed, and go to your dresser to find something to wear, but before you open the drawer something catches you eye on the dresser. It's a lavender envelope, escribed (your name) with golden print.....
  9. You grab the letter as fast as you can, and rip it open. THe lavender paper has only one sentence onit. "Well done my daughter, well done," it reads, "-Purgatta." But it everything was real, what happened to... you see a dark figure behind you, and you whirl around. There David stands with one hand outstreched. "Care to go for a little ribe with me?" A shy grin spreads across his face, as does it on yours.
  10. You take his hand and he takes you into his arms. A light flashes and you'ree up above a big city that looks like New York. The stars gleam above you, and the moon smiles down, as you stare into the eyes of the one you love. This was the moment yuo've been waiting your whole life for. "There's something I have to do that I should've done a long time ago." David leans in, and this time your lips meet. It's unlike anything you've ever expreienced before. It felt right. It felt like the one you want to spend eternity with. You were were certain David was the one, and you had never been more ure of anythin in your whole life.
  11. Epilogue: You spend the rest of eternity with David, and even though you face some troubles, nothing can ever break your love again. Andrew's act of saving your life was regarded hightly by God, so he revived him back to life. He now works closely with him, prmoted to an ultimate guardian, in charge of guarding the holy family. You and David visit often, and you can't thank Andrew enough for saving your life. He's okay now about you and David being together, he even has his eye on a certain little angel. Jonathan got involved in a recovery program, and now is working on God's new project of converting lost souls and sending them to Heaven. He was pretty traumetized from killing his own brother, but now he's starting to forgive and verging on the feeling of happiness. Brett sits in heaven happy as can be, but still troubled over trying to kill you. he has moved on much like Andrew, and lives surrounded by pretty angels. The world is a much better place now that the souls are being converted, and without the souls to back him up, the devil is starting to get drained of his power. Though he can never be crushed, it's happier now that at least he is weakened. You look into David'd eyes daily, and never regret your choice. In the world of the Supernatural, there were things could beleive in. and you found that with David.

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