Lord of the Flies Quiz

There are many good readers, i chose this book because it is one of those books where you have to be a good reader to know what is the book trying to tell you.

Are YOU a good reader? Take this quiz about one of my favorite novels, "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, and see if you really understood this book!!

Created by: Ale
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  1. What really is the beast?
  2. Who is the first boy to talk about a beast?
  3. Who says this about the beast: "What I mean is... Maybe its only us."?
  4. What passes by in chapter 'Huts on the beach'?
  5. Who is the most savage of the boys?
  6. Who are the ones that meet the Lord of the Flies?
  7. How many boys are killed?
  8. Why do the savages paint their faces?
  9. Why does Jack make a feast?
  10. Is Simon actually crazy?
  11. Who weeps for the end of innocence?

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