lolirock quiz which character are you

you get to see what chactor you are out of Ariana, Thalia, Iris, Nat, doug, and last but not least Kyle, i hope you like it

in my quiz you will see who your most like out of loli rock i didnt like alot of the quiz's very much so i made one so i could do it and so others could do it too

Created by: laura

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you like to do
  2. who do you like (of these people i mean)
  3. whats your power
  4. whats your favorite lolirocks song
  5. do you like the quiz (will not efect your score)
  6. what color hair do you have
  7. whats your favorite color
  8. whats your personailty
  9. i never leave home with out
  10. whats your favorite animale

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Quiz topic: Lolirock quiz which character am I