Which Lolirock character are you?

So, my sister begged me to make a Lolirock quiz. So, here it is. Hopefully you all like it. I didn't try very hard making it, just added some random stuff.

I know, like, nothing about the characters, so sorry if I got something wrong or something. I researched the personalities....Yah, I bet you are all thinking why I made a quiz I know nothing about, but, whatever. I'm sure a lot of you watch Lolirock...

Created by: 1800sVampire
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hair colour?
  2. Power?
  3. Do you destroy people for yourself?
  4. Choose a crown
  5. Pet?
  6. Mom and dad?
  7. Fav song?
  8. Do you watch Glitter Force?
  9. Ok, who is your favourite character?
  10. Ok bye

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Quiz topic: Which Lolirock character am I?