Linger by Maggie Steifvater

I feel bad for you. Do you pay any attention at all? Why is your score so low? Ohh poor baby. I feel bad. Just kidding. Like the book? I sure do! It's good!

*gasp* Do you know a lot about it? Look and see in this quiz that doesn't even take that long! You will be blown away by your score, do you think? Yes!

Created by: RubyHeart

  1. Where did Cole come from?
  2. Sam is a
  3. What color were the pills Cole got in his first chapter?
  4. Review from Shiver, what happens in the last sentence?
  5. Hmmmm
  6. Did you notice I spelled Stiefvater wrong?
  7. Cole is...
  8. What color is Grace's hair?
  9. What is Isabel's last name?
  10. Bye! Hope you get good scores!

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