Life in Cocoon (Part 7)

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Hi! Part 7 is here! Sorry it took a while! But I got a little busy and this one is longer! Comment please! And I found the best video for this game! If you want to find the name I'll put it in the comments! Sorry that its not really good though. But I have to get this sotry out of my head. Hope you enjoy!

FF13 Scene: "So what was your life before all of this?" Vanille asked Sazh when they were in a forest like area of Cocoon. "I have a little boy....His name is Dojih.." Sazh said. *5 Day out of 13 days of Bolhudom* "He wanted to see a foul'Cie so I took him to see the power plant one. You know the one that powers our machines. I left my eye off of him for one second. Found out the la'cie from the war were back. I found him out cold....I tried to wake him up and I saw that the foul'cie branded him...." *Back to Vanille* "I don't know his focus is. The PSICOM came right after the explosion but they can't find out what his focus is..." Sazh said. "Its either to help the la'cie or to kill them....thats why I went on the kill the la'cie that did this to my son...." Sazh brought out..

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. "I'm Hope a Pulse foul'Cie." Hope said with his voice echoeing. It was old, powerful and not Hope's. "Hope look this is not you." Light said. "Well I am Hope......just not what I am iside of him. I'm the foul'Cie for this entire tomb here." Hope said walking around the room slowly. "Your the one who makes foul'cie?" Percy asked. Hope looked at him and said "Yes....Orphan wanted salvation through death. So thats why I made Vanille and Fang la'cie. But you two were about to enter Cocoon. Making the scar it has today. So thats why you turned to crystal. Sarah came and I made her a la'cie to deliver her you all would come here. Then Orphan got what he wanted all along. But now I see why he wanted death and what it brings......salvation....." Hope said. "So you want us to kill you? Okay get back in your body and we'll kill you." Light said. Hope shook his head. "Orphan's human form......he was controlling the old man you see him as.....we can do that. So if you kill me you have to kill Hope too." Hope looked at us. "Okay first off your not going to bring him down." Sazh said. "Try and stop me. If your focus is to achieve the impossible then prove it." Hope said. Then his form changed and there stood a 10 foot tall silver knight.
  2. It was covered in armor that had blue outlining and a light glowing yellow la'cie mark was on it's left wrist. It had a long sword with a helmet that was silvery white. It's eyes glowed green. The face was covered by a silver helm part of it. It's body structure was not wide but not too lean. It was like normal Hope's body. "I and othe foul'Cie have seen Orphan's slvation come through death. Now I want death to come to me. And I'll do whatever to get it." Hope's voice said echoed by the old, powerful ancient one. "Hope we don't want to fight you." Light said. The knight held it's sword in it's right hand. (pLAY ff13 Blinded By light) Then battle raged on I backed away at my friend's limitless powers. They each fought with great strength and magic. Percy stayed in front of me as if he was protecting me. "What do we do!?" I yelled trying to get Percy to listen to me over the battle. "I dunno. Looks like they are going to have to kill him." Percy said back. "But they'll take him down also." I said. After a while my friends started to get weak. Snow colapsed on his knees. Sazh stood up with his hands on his knees. Light held herself up with her sword and Vanille fell down when the knight gave a hard quick slash and she barely doged it.
  3. The knight step toward them and stood. It raised it's sword over it's left shoulder about to stirke. Courage swelled up in me and I ran in front of Vanille and said "Don't! Hope I know you probably wont hear me or come back cause of the foul'Cie thats controlling you but listen for a moment!" It stared at me with it's green glowing eyes. "Speak la'cie...." it said. "Look even though you were made a la'cie by accident or on purpose your still human and you can't let the foul'Cie push you around. Look I know that you probably will kill me right now but you are human. You have beliefs....a life....a will. And you can take control back of yourself. Please don't give in!" I said. I closed my eyes waiting for the worst. But nothing happened. I opened them and I heard Vanille gasped. It's right arm shook and dropped it's sword. The glowing green eyes turned to an icy blue. Then the knight itself was gone and there stood a weary, weak Hope. Light ran and hugged him. "Hope your alright!" She said in a worried voice. We went by his side and he was trying to keep his eye lids open. Light let him sit down and Vanille said "Hope what did you say when we were trying to help that one la'cie complete their focus on pulse? It was in the grassy area." Hope said weakly "I said 'I liked it when you smiled.' You freaked out saying 'I didn't know you felt that way.' Then I laughed cause I was messing around with you and you believed me." Hope smiled weakly. And laughed at the mamory. Vanille punched his shoulder and said "That was a mean joke you know?" "Hey it was practically my only laugh at the time that I really needed." Hope shrugged. Light sighed in relief. "Your alright. Thats what matters" Sazh said. "Yeah especially after that fall." Hope said. "You don't remember Alexander? Or some type of force draining you?" Snow asked. Hope shook his head. "All I remember is falling and waking up and Light hugged me. Thats all" Hope said. "Well your alright! Lets get going and leave this place!" Vanille said. She then started walking the way we came from. Light nodded and left. Snow helped Hope up and we walked out of the foul'Cie's tomb. 'They want death and will do anything for it. Even if it means causing Cocoon to fall or have others suffer like these great people here so they can't get their desires....' I looked at everyone behind them. 'I wonder what their lives would have been like if that day never happened....' I thought to myself.
  4. Once we were walking on the icy lands of lake Bresha we setted up camp away from the tomb in and icy cavern. Sazh lighted up a fire and Vanille went straight to sleep. My stomach growled. I havn't ate for what 2 days now? I was hungry. But sleep swept over me. And I slept like a dead dog........
  5. *Dream* Cocoon shatters. A tear falls down Vanille's cheek. "No...." She said. She fell to her knees and said crying "It's all my fault! If I never became a la'cie! If I never met Sarah, Hope, Light, Sazh, Snow! Its all my fault!" Percy looked at the figures fighting. One looked like what Hope did today with glowing icy eyes and a yellow la'cie mark. One was a light silverish pink color with a cape, sword, shield, helmet and its body structure was woman like. It's eyes glowed a pinkish blue color. There was a blue silver one with a wide muscular body with thick armor and a spear. It's eyes glowed a dark blue. There was a light, silverish red one with two guns and a sword. The guns were at it's caves (Bottom part of leg) It's eyes glowed a light brown one. They fought each other with anger, ferosity, fury, strength, magic, and yells at each other. "This is for killing my mother!" The silver icy blue eyed one said. "This is for being a weak kid!" Said the pink one it was a deep female voice. "This is for blocking out your sister!" The blue one said. "This is beacuse you dragged me into this!" Said the red one. It shot at the pink one. The pink one fought all of them and the silver one attacked the blue one and the blue one fought the pink one. They each turned on each other. "How do we stop them?" Percy said. "Their anger inside came out without control or of the events that came out of all of this....." Vanille said. She cried. "I wish....." I said with a tear running down my cheek. Then I woke up.
  6. I looked around and saw that everyone was still asleep. I looked at Light's sleeping body. She usually doesn't sleep. Snow with his bandini covering his face and his back up a sticking up crystal. Sazh was on his side and Vanille with her palms under her head as a pillow. I looked for Hope and Percy but they weren't there. I walked around the fire silently and heard them talking behind a crystal. I wanted to hear what they were saying so I easdropped on them.
  7. "So how was your life before all of this mess?" Hope asked. "I use to have this girlfriend.....her father died in the purge......thats why I kinda hated la'cie I guess....but she broke up with me for another guy. I found out that she was cheating on me." Percy said. "I'm sorry....I'm also sorry for her mother died that same day." Hope said. "Its okay but now I understand la'cie more. Well at least you. Seeing what the foul'Cie did.....and what they desire....I'm glad that the sanctum isn't here any more..." Percy said, "But how did you do it?" "Do what?" Hope asked. "Kill Orphan...." Percy asked. "Well we...." Hope started.
  8. *Ten years ago.* Eden:Orphan's cratale: 21 year old Light fought Orphan as a big knife allied with 20 year old Snow, 30 year old Sazh, 14 year old Hope, 14 year old Vanille and a woman who look like 21 year old with a blue dress and a red spear. They fought Orphan. *Back to present* "We fought him....turned to crystal and woke up with our brands gone. Vanille and Fang were holding Cocoon in their crystal sleep. The icy pillar and we all went our seperate ways of life. I found my dad to still be alive....Snow and Sarah got married in Bolhodum I think, Sazh went and lived with his son Doijh, and Light probably lived with her sister and new brother in law Snow." Hope said. "Were you at the wedding?" Percy asked. "No....I didn't know where or when it was.....I never saw any of them after that day." Hope said. "But when you guys seem like a big family." Percy said. Hope shook his head "Maybe Sazh was in touch with Snow and them but I wasn't." Hope said. "Wow...I always thought of la'cie as the enemy." Percy said. "Me too....I wanted to kill myself or turn myself in explaining everything but I didn't cause I wanted revenge on Snow. But its all in the past now..." Hope said. "But the past effects the future. Where do you think you would be now if that all never happened?" Percy asked. "I'm not sure...." Hope said. He face seemed to be depressed once more. Think about all these years that he could have had a better life. With his mother, father and Cocoon not falling. If he and his mother never went to see the fireworks, if they never left Palumpolum. He would have had a better life. I felt sad for him. Always having to run. Always has to be the enemy when he doesn't want to.
  9. Percy looked at him and Hope said "You better get to sleep. Your going to need your rest." "Hey I'm the same age as you." Percy said leaning back on a crystal. He put his hands behind his back. "Yeah but we are probably going to be doing something exreme tomarrow. Trust me." Hope said. "Why arn't you asleep?" Percy said. "Cause someone gotta take watch. Also that and I'm a la'cie. I'll be able to pull through." Hope said. "Your a pretty good lier arn't you? Well I know the legend. The powers don't make you invisible to sleep." Percy said. Hope sighed and said "Okay you can stay up." Percy smiled. Hope then laughed. I smiled myself. "Its good that they are getting along" I thought to myself. But I felt a tingle in my spine. I turned around and saw a robotic with metal tenicales. It had a seat container and the tenicles lashed at me. I was going to scream for help but the cold metcal arm wrapped around my mouth and pulled me into the container. There was controls and a soldier controlling the robot. "Dont' worry your safe now" The soldier said. The it went up in the air and turned invisable. "What? Invisibility!? That hasn't been made! Not even in magic!" I thought. I looked down and saw Percy and Hope talking like old friends. Not noticing the invisible robot flying.
  10. I stayed quiet as the robot flew into Cocoon's beautiful night skys and to the capital of Cocoon.....Eden. It was where the sanctum use to rule but now Cocoon switched to a more democracy planet. It landed on a pink glowing plat form. Soldiers were guarding the enterences and exsits. The robot turn back to normal and rolled with wheels as feet away to a big building with other advance tecnology. I heared high heels foot steps. I turned and saw a woman with blond ling hair, black skirt with gray leggings, a red shirt that had a white inside. She had glasses and she had a long stick in her hand. "Ah ____. Nice to have you back to civiliation." She said in a deep sexy voice. She looked like my age. "What do you want me for?" I asked. "Just need you to do a couple of things." She said and walked behind me and turned around. It turned so I could face her. "I want to let you know we are on your side. The people's side." She continued "We understand what Orphan wanted. We saw it in one of our cameras near his cradle. But it was destoryed when he took on his true form. So we are no longer after the la'cie to kill them but to have them lead us to the foul'Cie." "Wait what!?" I said. "Its best if we talk inside. Take her to the private room." She said. The soldiers surrounded me and led me to a beautiful building. It was a light orange with pink pathways and high ways around it for streets. Genreals, soldiers alike walked in and out of the glass doors. I went through them and saw elevators, stairs, small message air crafts, robots, desk, machines, control pannels, break room and more. I was then in the elevator going to the 30th floor. It stopped with a jerk. Then there was nice clear white hallways. People that had normal clothes. A 21 year old woman with a brown blouse and bage shorts with 4 pockets on the front. She held a holographic tablet and was doing something. She had her brown hair in a poney tail and green eyes. Her skin was pale. The guy next to her was 50 and he had gray hair and brown eyes. He had a dark navy blue suit with a dark blue and light blue tie and a white under shirt. Then there was 24 year old guy with brown hair and dark green eyes.
  11. The woman with blond hair walked to the gray doors at the far end. I followed her along with 1 of the soldiers. The 50 year old man walked up to the woman and said "Where is he? Is he alright?" His voice showed that he was worried about somebody. The woman said "In time Mr.Estheim. In time..." My eyes grew wide. "Your Hope's father!?" The man nodded. The other girl and guy caught up and said "Come on we don't have time. You gotta remember Mr.Estheim that your son and his friends could be a ticking time bomb." The girl said.
  12. "Wait you guys have a lot-" I was about to say when the soldier then finished my sentence for me "Of explaining to do. Yeah tell me what I don't know."
  13. We went through the gray doors. There was a gray formal couch, a glass coffee table, a tv, and a veiw of the beautiful city of Eden. Eden is the biggest city in Cocoon. The pathways were simple white with blue designs here and there. There was different levels of roads and houses. The houses where different sizes and different colors. There was shops (You just gotta look it up. It like Palumpolum but bigger.) "Please take a seat." The woman said. I sat on the couch. "We know that your la'cie friends are not trying to destory Cocoon. We got two whitnesses." She said. "Who?" I asked. "Me and one of the la'cie's dad." The girl said. "So he's Hope's dad and you are?" I said to her. "I was a little girl that they ran into 10 years ago when they entered Palumpolum. We also have footage that they were not trying to hurt us. We enhanced the audio with our new advance technology so we can here the quietest whispers." The girl said. "Okay...." I said. The tv turn on and it showed a video."
  14. *Ten years ago* Light and Hope came out of a small door. They walked slowly and Hope pointed at the tv saying "We're on tv Light" They look up and there is the Sanctum army. Bigger then the one that I experienced with Sazh and Vanille. (Play Defiers of fate) Soldier popped up behind wall's bushes and surrounded them all. Light pointed a gun at them and looked at her surroundings. She slowly put it down and let out a breath. Then a motorcycle was heard. Then Snow and his Eidolons in motorcycle form come right in front of them and destoryed the first way of soldiers. There was the woman in a blue dress and red staff too. Light looked and said to Snow "Take care of Hope for me will you." Hope looked at Snow. With a *What?* look. He looked at Snow with a *I hate you muderer* look. Then Snow grabbed Hope's hand and pulled him behind Snow on the motorcycle. Light and the woman then fought the soldiers as others left to chase the other la'cie.
  15. Wave after wave the woman with the blue dress, black hair, brown eyes and a red staff. Once they out ran the soldiers. They were in a little alley. Lighting was pacing back and forth. "He'll be okay with Snow you know? So calm down." The woman said. "It's not Hope that I'm worried about. Hope is tough enough that he can take care of himself. Its Snow" Light said. "Would you like to talk with them?" The woman said. She gave Light a small head set. Light turned it on and said "Hope? Snow?" Then Snow's voice came on "Hey! Sis! The kid is alright if your wondering." "Snow where are you?" Light asked. Snow said a street and said "Thats near Hope's home. Meet us there." Snow said "Okay." The Hope's voice was heard "Light? Are you okay?" Light was about to reply but then the reception went off and static was only heard. "Hope!? Hope don't-" Light said but he wouldn't be able to hear her. She got mad and threw the head set to the ground. "Hey be carful with that!" The woman said. "Who are you?" Light asked. "I pulled a few screws. But I'm a la'cie same as you." "Whats your name?" Light said. "Fang" The woman said. *The scene changes*
  16. Hope and Snow were walking through the streets together. They hid behind a blue crate. "Look there..." Snow said. There was a group of citizens. Snow and Hope traveled casually to the crowd. They were in the middle of it. Hope saw a little girl with brown hair and green eyes. She had a little green neaon colored bunny. She held it tightly as her mother tried to comfort her. Snow walked up to the PSICOM soldier with a gun. "Whats wrong sir?" The soldier says not looking at his brand on his bottom left arm. Snow kicked him and grabbed the gun. He shot it in the air and yelled "I'm a la'cie! I will kill you all!" Hope looked at him shocked "What are you doing!?" Hope said. People ran. "Getting people away from the military's trap." Snow said. They ran to an ally. "Where do we go now?" Snow said. "Through there." Hope said. He heard a girl crying behind a trash can. It was the one with the green bunny. Hope said kindly holding out his hand "Its okay I wont hurt you." The girl pushed him and left her bunny. She ran to her mother and other people with sticks and other stuff. The mother said "Stay away from my daughter!" "Yeah! La'cie!" People said. "We can take care of you ourselves. Snow walked in front of Hope and did ice at a sign. Blocking the people's path. People screamed. "Come on!" Snow said. Snow ran into the path that they were going. Hope looked at him. Then at the people. Then people gasped. Hope put the bunny on the sign fo the little girl. "I'm sorry..." Hope said looking down. then he ran to catch up with Snow.
  17. *Back to present* "Your the little girl?" I said looking at the woman with brown hair. She nodded. She then pulled out the same green bunny. "After that most were confused about the la'cie. I noticed that they never really tried to hurt us. I looked into each of their history just resently. They have no criminal history." She said. Holding the bunny like it was a child. She then said "I also want to say thanks. To the la'cie that save Cocoon....." She then put the bunny down. "I belive you should have the other story of the father of one of the la'cie." The woman with blond hair said. The 50 year old man said "I'm Hope's father......I remember the door bell ringing while I was watching the news. You see I had a high paying job and I had a vary unhealthy relationship with my son. So my wife Nora and I had little arguments. I found out that I was too focused on my job.....Then thats when he never talked to me. She left and I regretted in ignoring my family....But I was worried about them because I knew they went to Bolhudom. and the purge happened....I was shocked to find him at the door when I opened it......"
  18. *Ten years ago. Hope's dad narration* I was watching the tv with a worried expression. I was killing myself inside. I should have been a better father. The door bell rang. I walked to the door and looked at my only family picture. Nora with her white silvery hair and icy blue green eyes. She was smiling. To her left was me. I smiled. Then in the middle was my son Hope. With his sad, depressed expression. I walked to the door and opened it. And there I saw Hope. He looked down and looked up and said "Hey dad...." Behind him was the girl Light and Fanging holding up Snow. "Hope?" I said, "Come inside..." "Sorry to barge into here like this but can we lay Snow somewhere for him to heal?" Light said. I lead them to the master bed room. They took Snow's jacket off and cleaned up his injury on his side. Once he was okay Hope introduced his friends. Hope told me about their problem. And showed me that he was now a Grand Pulse la'cie. He told me about Nora and how she died. Snow woke up and explained to him that it was his fault. 'I'm so sorry but she told me to take your son Hope home...." Snow finished. I wanted to cry or yell at him that vary second. But I kept my cool. "So your now a la'cie and Nora is the army is after you....I saw on the news saying that you caused the purge and make you all seem like criminals.....but you all are nothing like that..." I said. Hope got up and said "We should get going. If they find out that your helping la'cie they'll kill you..." I banged my hand on my coffee table. "No! Your my son. This is your home." I said. He looked at me and I saw that my words showed to him that I did care about him. But then gas game in to blind us. I was lead to my bedroom along with Snow. "Will they be alright?" I whispered to him. "Yeah. Your kid is pretty tough...." Snow said. Then Light, Fang and Hope told me to hide behind the couch. Everything was torn apart. I looked at my broken family picture. I heard PSICOM general talking to Snow. "Look we are not your enemy." Snow said. "You exspect me to believe that?" The general said. "Look don't kill us and we'll explain-" Snow was about to say but the general interupted "You think your life is worth more then all of the citizens of Cocoon?" "Look we are not trying to destory Cocoon." Snow said. "You la'cie had already tried to destory Cocoon once. You think that we would believe you?" The general said. Light looked at me and said to Hope "Hope get the rope. Look we broke into your home and tied you up." I felt the tight rope that my son tied around me. "I'm sorry, but I can't have you die because of me." He said. He was done, I said "Do whatever it takes Hope..." "To complete my focus?" He asked me. "To do what you believe is right..." I said. He nodded and huged me. I would have too if I wasn't tied up....
  19. *Present Back to previous narration* "They left and I met the other sanctum military. Aparently they try to help la'cie." Hope's father said. " you guys have proof that they are not guilty. Why didn't you show that to the people to understand a little bit more before choocing guilty in the trials?" I asked. "We just recently found it and you guys were already out of Cocoon." The blond woman said. "So what now?" I asked. "What we need to do is to let you go." The soldier said. "Won't you try to help them? They are la'cie with a focus and who knows how much time they have left." I said. "We don't know what their focus is. But if they do turn into monsters we will have to exterminate them." The soldier said. I looked at Hope's father. "Arn't you going to do anything? He's your son." I said to him. He looked down and said "Look I don't like this plan as much as you do. So I have a better plan." He looked at us and the girl said "Lets hear it." "We will need you to go to them on your own. If they see air crafts they'll think we'll be trying to attack." He said. "Let me add some stuff on." The girl said. "We'll keep contact with the warden here and have speakers and micro phones to talk with each other. We'll call if we need back up." "Wait we?" I said. "Yeah I Sasha L. Stout will be assiting you along with Leaum the soldier boy in the room and Will." She said. The brown haired guy chuckled "Its a double date then." The soldier looked at him and said "Its not a date Will. Grow up will you?" "But there is one flaw in your plan." Said the warden.(Blond woman) "What?" I asked. "The military most likely wont help. Because if the people see their own military secretly(Play Will to fight. FF13) Riots will erupt from high tensions. Theres to much bad history with the scar on Cocoon and the War of Teriggation. The military won't be able to help you with your plan." "We'll if they could pretend to be the bad guys I can too." I said. The warden looked at me and said "I also can only provide you with little weaponary. So I will only be able to provide you with small guns like the m16." Will smiled and said "Don't worry we'll be able to survive." He patted me on the back. She nodded. "Leaum take them secretly to the weaponary and I'll post out a drill. Mr.Estheim will keep in contact with you on information such as incoming air crafts and will keep and eye on your location." The warden said. "Now mission Start." We all nodded. Leaum lead the way out of the room followed by Leaum and Sasha. I was about to leave the door when the warden said "Oh and ____." "Yes?" I said. "Don't make them angry." She said. I nodded and left following the others.
  20. "Code blue drill. Code blue drill." Said the warden's voice through the speakers. Soldiers ran everywhere going to their stations. What seemed like forever we went to weaponary. On the negative 17 floor level. Leaum handed us each a m16 and grabbed some ganades, potions, antidote and other items. He got took off to a big door. He entered. We followed. He ran ahead and stopped at a corner. He looked at the other end and told us to follow. Saying that its okay to come. We did this for a while. Then he grabbed out a white card and pointed it at a bar code scaner next to a door. It opened letting out steam, and unlocking more and more metal heavy doors. Then it was fully opened and we entered. There was a flying air craft. (Go FF13 fireflies. Skip all the way to 1:50. Thats the air craft. If you want better detail.) It had three air engines that stuck out in the back, had a high blue bridge that was in the front. It was narrow and sky blue and white. It was amazing. "Wow....we are going in that?" I said. Leaum nodded. "Now come on the drill wont last on forever." Leaum said and we all entered the ship and set off into the sky without anyone noticing us.
  21. Thats the end of part 7! Comment please! Thanks!

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