Life in Cocoon (Part 5) Everything is explained.....

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Hi! This is part 5! It more explanation about how they became la'cie. But thats all. This game is awsome in graphic's fighting system and great story that I can't put into words. I really think that Square Enix has done just a amazing job. I played 12, 10, and 1. But this is just above them all on my list of video games. People been cristizing it for years after FF7. I havn't played 7 but I know that after 7 people havn't really been seeing the stories and battle stratgies. But thirteen has it's great battle system. Its quick and fast like 12 but it sticks to the only to the monsters that you run into like 10. The graphics are amazing and almost so realistic! But I don't see that people talk all this trash about this game but its really good.

Yeah so I really like it. Yeah it might have some flaws or stuff that people don't like but come on people! Every game is not perfect. Its going to have things that people wont like and things that people do like. I recomend this game to those who like a great story a quick fighting action, sticks with monsters that you run into and see, cosomize weapons to upgrade them and acessories, and also like to make stratgy. So its a great game at least for me and Square Enix has just something great with this Final Fantasy and I can't wait for Final Fantasy 13-2 The real one coming out this Febuary......

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. The rest of the evening we all setted up a little camp. The sun up in the sky. Well really a machine made from the fol'cie to be a sun for Cocoon turned into a moon. Fire was burning in the middle and everyone was sitting down around it. It was only silence. Percy broke it saying "Okay I want to know everything from the begining." "Where should we start?" Light said. They all looked at each other. Exspecting the other to say something. "Here I'll start it off." Snow said.
  2. *Ten years ago* Snow walked on the bridge with his friend/ group member of his group called NORA. Bolhodum volenteers were firing at the PSICOM soldiers. They wanted to transport the entire city of Bolhohum because of Snow's fieance Sarah. "Hey Snow!" Snow's friend said to him. Snow's friend Gadot. He had orange spiky hair, brown eyes, a jacket that's sleves were almost spegitii strapped with shorts and a gun. "Yeah Gadot." Snow said. "Lets get moving. We got extra guns." Gadot said. A young kid who was fourteen came with a armful of guns in his hands. He almost dropped them. His hair was blond, he had brown eyes, a red jacket, black pants, big red headphones and he almost dropped the guns. "Maqui be careful with those." said Lebreau. A woman with black hair, brown eyes, and a white shirt with a tight short purple tunic with bage shorts and leggings. "Sorry" said Maqui. "We gotta get through these guys come on. Were the heroes remember?" Snow said. "Right! TEAM NORA!" They all said. Then they charged through soldiers by shooting them. Flying small air crafts flew above them shooting at the rebllious Cocoon citizens that they were trying to transport to kill them. The PSICOM and Sanctum wanted to have the people that lived or visited Bolhodum to die on pulse so they got transported they on trains through the ripped outside part of Cocoon. The Sanctum is is ruled by the foul'Cie. The foul'Cie was made by humans to build a beautiful utopia in the sky known as Cocoon. They took over and ruled Cocoon and started making la'cie. One was in the city of Bolhodum. No one got near it in it's tomb like statue. But one person did and the PSICOM military found out. So instead of trying to find the new la'cie and the two old ones that ripped open a hole in Cocoon they just decided to transport the citie's people to Grand Pulse and let them die there. But the NORA group knew better and fought against the soldiers and tried to stop the transportaion. Other known as the purge. Snow, Lebreau, Gadot, and Maqui ran through the soldiers and made it to the end of the rode. Well not the end of the roade. The road continued all the way to Pulse. But it was blocked by a broken train. There was roads everywhere. Leading to different places in and out of Cocoon. Below it was the biggest lake in Cocoon. Lake Bresha. It was hundreds of miles below. So when someone looks down they would only see darkness until they die when they reach the waters. At the blocked road there was some visitors and citizens of Bolhodum. Some still had their cloaks on and others had their normal bikini and shorts and shirts on with sandles. When you live next to a beach that was the normal fashion. Lots of people had that on. Actually all of them except for three. One Vanille with her feathery skirt and orange bikini top wit beaded necklaces and pouches. The other two were still in their cloaks. "You guys want to fight with NORA?" Snow said. "To fight for your family, friends and most of all our city Bolhodum!?" Snow said. Maqui put the guns down and a couple people grabbed a gun. "You guys follow me!" Lebreau said. She ran back down where she came from and the new citizens with guns followed her. There was then two guns left. Maqui and Gadot left off with Lebreau. A woman in a cloak stood up. She took off her cloak and she looked like a 39 year old. She had beautiful natural white silver hair with icy blue green eyes, she was wearing bage pants with brown shoes and a blue formal pretty blouse. She grabbed a gun and Snow was shocked that she came up. The young man next to her seemed shocked that she got up and grabbed a gun. "Mom?" he said. She looked at him and said "Its okay dear...." She held the gun in her hands and Snow said "Are you sure?" "Moms are tough." She smiled. She then ran off to where the others were but she stopped to look at her son that she was just leaving. She then ran off with the others. Snow grabbed the last gun and tried to hand it to her son but he backed up and said "No, no, no, no.....I can't...I just can't...." Vanille came up and grabbed it. She smiled and pointed the gun at Snow and said in a playful childish voice "Bang!" Snow smiled and pretended he got shot. "Oo! You got me. Protect them for me until I get back okay?" Snow said. She nodded and he left.
  3. Snow caught up with everyone else and together they fought wave after wave. Snow charged after he thought that they defeated the group of soldiers. But then a big aircraft with big guns floated above him and Snow fell on his butt. He gasped as the guns were coaked and about to shoot. But a basuca shot it down. Snow looked behind him and saw the woman with silvery hair. She smiled and said "What did I tell you? Moms are tough." She helped them up and another aircraft came and bombed where they were breaking th road and making the edge a little slide. The volenteers sild to their doom. "No!" Snow said. He was dangling on the edge with one hand and holding the woman with another. She whispered "Hope...." She looked up at him and "My son....take him home...." She slowly let him go. "No! I wont let you go!" Snow said but her hand slid out of his and she fell. "No!" Snow said. Once she was gone Snow got up and said "Her son? I didn't hear his name......take him home...." Snow said. He then found a flying aircraft motorcycle. Gadot got on the other one next to him and they went back to where the others were. They landed and Lebreau and Maqui were waiting for him. Maqui looked at him and said "That was awsome Snow! Your the coolest!" Snow smiled and Gadot said "So there she'll be.....where the foul'cie is. The PSICOM is trying to take the tomb away." Madot said looking at the tomb that was a lig lower cased t. It was where the foul'cie that made la'cie was resting. "Your bride to be. So hereo are you going to go get her?" Gadot said patting Snow's back. "Of corse." Snow said. "Whens your wedding going to be?" Maqui asked. "I dunno. But I'm sure going to let you know that you guys are not invited." Snow said jokingly. Lebreau looked at him and said "Hey! I'm the mature one in this group. These two are the one who are not mature!" She said looking at Gadot and Maqui. "See you guys later." Snow said. He got in the flying motorcycle and flew to the tomb to find his sister Sarah.......
  4. *In another train.* Light sat quietly in her cloak on the moving train. Sazh next to her and whispered to her "So what are you going to do?" "Watch and learn..." she said back. A soldier passed them and Lighting bolted out of her seat and did a flip to the wall across from the soldier and snapped her fingers. She had certain lectronics in her clothing that aloud her to have quick speed, jump far distances and fall down great hieghts and not get tired or die in the process. She jumped and nailed the soldier and grabbed his gun and shot the other soldier. Her cloak came off and she shot the machine that aloud the cuffs to be on lock. The cuffs for everyone broke and people gasped at the amazement. Light grabbed her sword gun. Its a gun and it can extend to a sword. She stopped the train and her and Sazh battle soldiers and robots to get to the fol'cie that held her sister captive. Sarah. Sazh kept on asking why she wants to do so and she tells him. She explains to him that her sister became a la'cie and got taken away by the foul'cie. She was trying to get to her sister. They then together found her sister in the tomb. She had pink hair like her sister, she had a short skirt and a white shirt on......her brand was in her final stage and she still hasn't completed her focus. Snow is there with Hope and Vanille. Who followed Snow to confront him about Hope's mother........*Present light...."Sarah smiled weakly at me and said.......Save Cocoon....then right before my eyes she turned to crystal...."*
  5. *Back to present* "Right before our eyes she turned to crystal......." Snow said. "I grew angry and wanted to kill the foul'cie. I charged to it letting all my anger out on it. Sazh, Hope and Vanille followed me to see what would happen......Snow tried to have him become a la'cie to get Sarah back. But me, Sazh and Snow fought the thing that took my sister. Then.....when we thought we defeated it.....but the floor diappeared and we were falling. But it didn't feel like it cause at the same time PSICOM dropped the entire tomb and it was falling. The foul'Cie used it's glowing tenicals and wrapped them around us keeping us still as we struggled. Then lighting touched straight at my chest. It burned and I felt great pain. Then we blacked out and had the same vision. Ragonrock came and Cocoon was falling. When we woke up Snow said that we were suppose to save Cocoon.........I looked at everyone and tried to find out what type of people they were....I saw Vanille at first as a hopeless happy, cheery kid. I saw Hope as a whinny, complaining, angry, scared 14 year old. Sazh was a complaining, scared, whinny and calling himself old 30 year old. Snow to me was a pretend tough guy, pathetic, lying guy to me. But I was wrong about them all. Because I just read their book covers.......they are nothing like that.....not back then and not now..." Lighting said. Vanille actually laughed. "Why are you laughing?" Snow asked. "Even all of that was terrible for us Lighting described everybody was funny cause we are nothing like that!" She laughed. Snow smiled at the thought of it. "Yeah suppose your right Vanille." Snow said. Sazh then chuckled. "You can be crazy somtimes Vanille...." He said. Hope shook his head while smiling and said "Was I really like that?" "Oh yeah kid. But you were scared." Snow said. "And angry at the time....." Hope said. His smiled fadded to a sad depressed look. Snow's smile fadded away too. "Yeah.....thats when your mother died...." Snow said. Everyone grew silent again.
  6. "Uh you guys back to explaining that you didn't try to destory Cocoon." Percy said. "This is what happened next. We traveld together then splitted up. We met each other again. We met Fang and then went to charge the sanctum itself. We did. We killed and then Cocoon fell. We then started to turn into crystal and....." Sazh said. "I remember Lighting yelling 'stay together' then right before our eyes Ragonrock appeared and saved Cocoon....." Hope said. (Just cause this is based on the game doesn't mean I'm gona tell you everything! Your gona have to play it yourself. If you have tell me who's your favorite character and why.)
  7. "We woke up and found our brands gone......then we lived our normal lives and here we are today." Hope said. "After all of the things we went through........" Vanille said. "But Snow that was stupid of you not to hide your mark when we went to Eden." Hope said. Snow smiled "They were cheering me and I did a air punch." He said. "But the camera zoomed in on your mark and it blew us off." Sazh said. Vanille giggled. Light smiled and said "Well we know what to look for if theres two Snows.....stupid mess ups like that one." Hope smiled and shook his head and said "Light I didn't know that you had such a sense of humor." "She got that from me Hope. It kinda rubbed off on her after having me as a brother." Snow said. "Yeah right" Light said. I smiled. They really did seem like long lost friends. Percy rolled his eyes.
  8. "So whats your guy's real focus?" Percy asked. Everyone grew silent. Hope's smile disappeared. Snow cleared his throat and scratched his head saying "I dunno......" "We'll figure it out like last time. We can do it!" Vanille said. "But there is no sanctum and not another big enemy like orphan to fight......" Sazh said. "I have a feeling that it has something to do with turning into crystal......" Hope said. "Well we are as crystals.....but what are those things....." Sazh said. "I don't know about you guys but right now I'm going to sleep!" Vanille said. She got up and found a spot for herself and layed on her side with her hands as a pillow. She was soon asleep. "Shouldn't.....wait sorry Hope I'm so use to you being a 14 year old...." Light said. "Well I'm passed that stage....." Hope said. "So what to do now....." Snow said. "Why don't you kill youselves or something and save it from the PSICOM military." Percy said. Light pulled out her gun and pointed it at him "What more do you have to say...." She said angerly. "Light its okay." Hope said. Light put her gun away and gave a evil glare at Percy.
  9. "You should get to sleep too. We'll keep watch." Sazh said to me and Percy. I nodded and layed down. I wasn't use to sleeping on the floor like this so I put my hands under my head like a pillow like Vanille did. I then fell asleep. *Dream* I ran through the bottom of the icy pillar that held Cocoon. I breathed hard. Percy was next to me breathing hard too. "We have to stop them!" He said. I look up and see crystal human like forms of Light, Sazh, Hope, and Snow. Vanille caught up and said "Its too late!" Then the crystal broke and there before my eyes were 4 big knights standing like creatures. They were tall like eidolons and had armor like them. One was blue with no helmet, had a square shield and a thick short sword and thick armor. It's eyes glowed a light blue. The one next to it was tall, had thick helmet, it was red with guns at it's feet, a dimond like shield with it's guns transforming into swords. Its eyes glowed a light red orange. One was pink with a cape, female like hair, a sword at her side, a shield and its eyes glowed a light pink. Then there was a big yellow one with thick armor, a sword and a circular shield. Its eyes glowed a light yellow. "What do we do now!?" Percy said. They then broke the pillar and Cocoon then started to fall again. But they flew up in the air and flew around it and it floated in the air. Once it was high in the sky they landed and looked at each other. The pink pulled out it's sword and tried to stab the yellow one. It defected it with a shield. The blue one almost got the pink on but the red one started shooting at it. Their strikes were ferosious and strong with strength and magic. "Stop!" I yelled. But then Cocoon started to shake and then it disinergrated into plain nothing like the anger in each of the knights caused it. I cried and Percy back up. I looked at Vanille and a tear ran down her cheek. "No......." She said.
  10. I woke up with a start and saw that it was morning. I looked around and saw that everyone was awake. "Morning sun shine." Snow said. "Hey is there breakfest?" I asked hopfully. "Sorry. On Grand Pulse it's nothing but Cieth and un edible monsters and creatures." Sazh said. "So how did you guys surive with out food?!" I said. "A person can't survive without water for more then three days. But a person can survive without food for a month I think." Hope said. "So you guys didn't eat anything?" Percy asked shocked. "Nope our only hunger was whatever we wanted to get out of this la'cie stuff." Light said. Snow nodded. "Ready to get going you guys?" Snow asked. "Yup" Vanille said happily. "Appearently so" Hope said. "Okay lets get going to Vanille's place. Okay?" Snow said. Everyone nodded. "Wait you have a home here on Pulse Vanille?" I asked her. "Yup remember I became a la'cie when people still lived on Pulse and before the war of Pulse and Cocoon." Vanilled said. "Come on, don't want to get left behind." Hope said. then they all ran through Pulse. They defeated monsters that popped up and were ready to act anytime anywhere.
  11. Hi! Thats the end of part 5!

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