Libertarian, Democrate, or Dumbass?

Many people have a political affiliation stamped on their voters card but do they REALLY know what they are? We don't really care but were force to put a lot of words into this description.

Take this quiz and answer, once and for all, what you really are! And waste a lot of useless space by filling in arbitrary character counts! Oh yeah!

Created by: Mike of Cirbirus
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  1. Did you vote for George Bush?
  2. Do you hate poor people? (Not just the ones that sleep on the hood of your car for warmth)
  3. Does your name rhyme with Orge Ush?
  4. Do you think Clinton had anything to do with anything other than getting his dick sucked in the Oval Office?
  5. Is you name Babs, Biff, Tad, Chadd or anything ending in -ington?
  6. Do you take prescription drugs while deriding poor people for smoking crack?
  7. Do you STILL think it's a good idea to be in Iraq?
  8. Have you ever participated in a three way, four way, or maybe more?
  9. Does the thought of a bubble bath with a representative from Haliburton make you hot?
  10. What is 60 divided by 1/2?

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