Are you a dumbass?

There are many dumbass people in this world and I'm out to prove it! What is a dumbass a dumbass might ask himself and that's the people I'm looking for! Take this quiz only if you have weird knowledge and when I say weird knowledge I mean stuff that isn't common to know.

So are YOU a dumbass? I am, partially but it's in my blood so it's not my fault. Anyway you should take this quiz, only twelve questions and if you want the answers I'm sorry but this text box doesn't let me put in my email because it thinks that I am speaking gibberish.

Created by: Daniel
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  1. What do you dream about?
  2. Do you think that you make good decisions?
  3. Which country do think is strategically most advanced
  4. Do you lie to women often?
  5. Do you upset women or challenge them in any way?
  6. What was the name of the very FIRST hacker who hacked through telephone lines by whistling in them? *Hint: No one knows his name he went by an alias"
  7. What is the only car company who has a separate branch that makes electronics?
  8. What is the hot key to start a new cell in Excel?
  9. What is the name of the son from the Jetson's?
  10. From the popular program "Yu-gi-oh" on WB what was the orginal name of the british's kid known as "Limey Boy" alter evil ego?

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Quiz topic: Am I a dumbass?