Are You a Dumbass Quiz Writer?

Quiz-taking can be an entertaining diversion from every day life. Some are humorous, some are enlightening, and others, to put it bluntly, are stupid.

If you write quizzes, and are not sure which category yours fall into, this quiz will help you to decide. And it will help you figure out if you should continue writing them, or refrain from polluting the internet with your mindlessness.

Created by: Polymath

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  1. You write quizzes about:
  2. Your education level is:
  3. You have the ability to read and write the English language effectively.
  4. You consider your politics to be:
  5. You understand the difference between "your" and "you're."
  6. Your answers do no afford the quiz taker an acceptable response to the question.
  7. You use arcane and unusual language or acronyms in your questions and answers.
  8. You end your quiz with a question such as: "Did you like my quiz?"
  9. You can spell words correctly without using spell-check.
  10. You enjoy reading books without pictures.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Dumbass Quiz Writer?