Lets test your Harry Potter knoledge!

Many people read Harry Potter because they want to follow the crowd, but few people know him as well as me. And you maybe...... Oh, I dont know! Maybe be may you are a wizard... Or just a goblin.

Are YOU a wizard or witch or giant or unicorn oir goblin or house elf or gnome or centor? Matbe not, but your coming very close to being one! I really do love pupkin juce and bertie botts every flavour beans, i mean, they really are EVERY flavour!!! =p

Created by: Luna Lovegood
  1. In the first book, who are the firts characters mentioned?
  2. What was the title of the second book?
  3. Who dies in the last installment of the series?
  4. How many harrys were there when they escaped the dursleys?
  5. Do Ron and Hermione marry?
  6. In the 3rd book who does harry discover?
  7. What is harrys wand made out of?
  8. Who is Bellatrix Lastrange?
  9. How many books are there?
  10. How many pages are in the last book?

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Quiz topic: Lets test my Harry Potter knoledge!