Lessons of Love part 2

There are secrets that need to be revealed. Questions that need answers. Well in part 3 there will be more breath taking lies. Don't move a mussel the next part is next.

What will happen next? Who knows? Find out in part 3, coming soon. Don't worry i will have more. I really don't have anything to say but,kick back relax and enjoy the quiz.

Created by: Copy n Type

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  1. 2 hours later.... Dia wakes up and she's chained to Amaya's bed. Her head was throbbing, she couldn't say a single word.
  2. The person was going through Amaya's stuff. When they turn around and looked through a bag,they pulled out a whip and more chains. Then a long shrap knife that had blood stances. "Amaya..." she whispered. The person must of hear her because they grabbed the knife and walked over to her.
  3. "What did you say b----?" they say. "Where's A...maya?" she says. They hold the knife to her throat and whispers in her ear, "I took care of her...". But something clicks, she heard that voice before.
  4. "You know, your girlfriend Jamie..." they say. "What did you do to Jamie?" she yells. "Same thing i did to Amaya." they say. "Why...were are they?" she ask. "You'll find out soon" they say. Then it hits Dia...
  5. BRANDON!!!!!!!
  6. Brandon was Amaya's best friend. You think she had a crush on her. He was really werid and became very secretive when she first went missing.
  7. He then gets on top of her. "Im going to tear you apart." he says.
  8. He stuffs his d*** in her. She screams. He does it harder and faster. She screams louder and louder. He then turns her over and sticked his d*** in her ass. She screams with tears in her eyes. They do it over and over again.
  9. "Please stop" she says. " Until i think you had enough." he says. The pain was so unbelievable, he was actually tearing her apart. "Stop!" she yelled. She screamed louder and louder.
  10. He finally stops and he unchains her. He holds the knife to her neck and says "Next time i'll never stop." he says. Then he leaves.
  11. "Amaya..." she whispers. Then everything goes black.

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