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i made this shoutout quiz frm a thread on the lounge where ppl asked 2 b added so if ur not on it and u want 2 b then that's y maybe i can make another one another time

i am leaf i like leafs and trees and friends and posting omg i'm just going 2 write random things ok so hi pony like for you too like you to you no ok

Created by: Le1F

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  1. zilla here is ur shoutout i don't kno u but u seem ok
  2. dragonsfire u r cool congrats on being in my quiz
  3. NeonSpectre congrats on being in my shoutout quiz u r cool
  4. Mused Jade can i call u jinx u r cool ur a good frend
  5. Typical Normie i dont know who u r but u seem ok
  6. hi Jacob01 here is ur shoutout
  7. Stardust1 hi here is ur shoutout
  8. HephaestusChild heph u r one of my best frends on gotoquiz congrats
  9. MajesticJuicifer idk y i should add u bc ive never seen u before but ok here is ur shoutout
  10. Faceless Knight i dont really kno u but u seem ok here is ur shoutout
  11. SprinkledSpice hi i have seen u around a bit here is ur shoutout
  12. TheshadowDrago2 u seem ok here is ur shoutout
  13. ChameleonLeap i dont kno u but hi

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