Kingdom Hearts II...Are you a nerd for it?

You will be making many people's day by taking this quiz and I know that Kingdom Hearts is a very comfusing game but the quiz was easy, right? Make sure to try the High School Musical 2 quiz made by yours truely! but first...walk into my world..of Kingdom Hearts II..

It has been an honor making this quiz and I wish I had three wishes..I want to go into the world of Kingdom Hearts II. How about you? Are you up for the challenge?

Created by: Slap of Slap Happy Camper *_*
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  1. How many times a week do you play Kingdom Hearts?
  2. What two characters are in the begging with Sora?
  3. What is the last percentage of the fuzzy screen? (this ones hard!)
  4. Who is connected to Sora?
  5. What color is the Nobodies?
  6. What is the weapon that can defeat the Nobodies?
  7. How many friends does Roxas have?
  8. How many players can there be?
  9. Is Sora a girl or a boy?
  10. How about Roxas? boy or girl?
  11. What do you buy stuff with?

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Quiz topic: Kingdom Hearts I a nerd for it?