KIingdom Hearts Trivia

I made this quiz because I have played KH and Kh2 and know alot About KHCoM.This will test you Kingdom Hearts know-how and give you an estimate of how much you know.Good Luck.

How much do you know about Kingdom Hearts?Well that's what this quiz will answer.Watch out because I've put a trick question in.I wish you the best of luck.

Created by: Coolio
  1. What is the main character?
  2. What is the second game called?
  3. What is the strongest keyblade in KH2 called?
  4. Who is the King?
  5. In what game does Roxas appear?
  6. How many people weild a keyblade by the end of KH2?
  7. What keyblade do the three good faries give you in KH2?
  8. Who is the main villian in KH2?
  9. Who is the main villain in KH.
  10. Who in Organization 13 weilds a scythe?

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