Kidnapped! Part one

You've gotten kidnapped. Will you survive? Who knows? Maybe you won't; maybe you will. Take this and found out! How much alive will you be? Guess, and then see...

At the end, you will see how much alive you are. You might not survive...sadly...but even if you don't, thanks for taking this! I'm glad you take the time to take it...

Created by: Anne Shirley
  1. You’re asleep in bed. Your little sister/brother is sleeping in a bed on the opposite side of the room. You wake up. Why? You don’t know. Then you hear it—a scratching on the window
  2. Your parents are out at a meeting still, and your body won’t let you pass out. No matter what you answered for the last question, your feet take you to the window. You see nothing, just shadows. You:
  3. Before you have time to carry out what you decided, you see a black object come up holding some sort of tool. This tool starts smoothly cutting through the glass in the window. You:
  4. Now the window is completely cut open. You see some sort of pistol aimed toward you. “Don’t move,” a voice says. You:
  5. A man climbs through the window, stuffs a gag into your mouth, and ties up your hands. He starts leading you toward the windowsill. You:
  6. You have time to grab one thing from your dresser as you go by. You choose:
  7. You’re pushed out the window, and you barely manage to stuff whatever you chose into your pocket. Your little sister/brother soon follows with another man, and the men search you. Choose whichever answer you chose last time:
  8. They push you in a car and drive off. You:
  9. You end up at wherever they wanted to take you but can’t see anything. You have no idea where you are. The men get you and your sibling and start bringing you to…someplace. You:
  10. Somehow you manage to escape. You start running. To where? You don’t know. You’ve pushed the blindfold out and pulled the gag out. You now see that there’s nowhere to run. You’re in the midst of nowhere. You see that there’s a forest—or at least a bunch of trees—nearby. The men behind you are running toward you and start shooting. You:
  11. One of their bullets finally meets its mark. Your shoulder is bleeding like crazy. You black out. When you wake up, you see evil, black eyes. “Got you.”

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