Friends is an amazing romantic comedy series. The characters are awesome actors. It's ashame to see the show end. I still love to watch it. I encourage everybody to watch it.

Do you watch Friends? You sure should. It's a great way to watch a funny group of friends. I can't wait to just watch it every night. I hope everybody watches it.

Created by: kaley
  1. In Friends, what are the names of the cast members?
  2. All of these questions are going to be about the TV show Friends. What's the theme song.
  3. How many wives has Ross had?
  4. Who plays Rachel?
  5. What does every episode start with?
  6. Who was the last friend to know about Monica and Chandler dating?
  7. Why was Phoebe's baby named Chandler a surprise?
  8. Who was the host of the PBS telethon Joey worked on?
  9. What did Joey wear when he was working a PBS telethon?
  10. Which friend donated $200 to the PBS telethon?

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