Are you a true fan of h2o?

H2o is an awesome show about mermaids. Many people love it and are huge fans. Others just watch it because thet are bored. No madder the reason you look at it, you did a good job because you took the time to watch an amazing show.

Do YOU know everything there is to know about h2o? Have you memborized all of the characters, powers, siblings, and special places? Well, you'll find out in just a few short minutes!

Created by: catgirl7778

  1. What is Cleo's power?
  2. What is Rikki's power?
  3. What is Emma's power?
  4. What is Bella's power?
  5. Where does Bella become a mermaid?
  6. At what age did Bella become a mermaid?
  7. Other than the 3 girls, who was the first person to know the were mermaids?
  8. At what island do they become mermaids?
  9. Which mermaid has a sister?
  10. What is that sister's name?
  11. Which mermaid has a brother?
  12. What is that brother's name?
  13. Do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true fan of h2o?