How much do you know about Knoxkast?

Thate are a lot of people who know what KnoxKast is, but few who know everything there is to know about it. By listening to a few episodes, you may think the show hasn't much to know about it, but those few who have listened to every episode a number of times know that KnoxKast is a deep and complex show that it takes a true genius to understand. Hahahaha.

Do YOU know everything about KnoxKast Radio? Most people don't, they think it's just a dumb show that isn't worth listening to, but we true fans know that it is really an amazing show that everyone should listen to. Find out if you are a KnoxKast Genius.

Created by: Rik
  1. How does Matt Books pronounce Knox's Last Name in Episode 19?
  2. What was the first brand name soda knockoff discussed on KnoxKast Radio?
  3. What was Jason's cat's name?
  4. Which instrument does Jason not own?
  5. What does Brookers control?
  6. What is Jason's father's occupation?
  7. What was the first KnoxKast skit called?
  8. Which episode introduced the FilmCow Forums?
  9. What was the first name mentioned in "The Library"?
  10. What is Brookers' Full Name? NO PEEKING! THIS IS NOT AN OPEN BOOK QUIZ!
  11. Who loved Jude first?
  12. What was the accidental original title of episode 59?
  13. What did Matt think of Epic Movie?
  14. How did Stan's wife die?
  15. What was the movie that sparked the war against Brookers called?
  16. What is Knox's favorite oldies band?
  17. Why was Jason inaccurate about the time in episode 52?
  18. What episode did Jason and Knox plan to end Knoxkast on when they started?
  19. What was the first script read on KnoxKast?
  20. Why doesn't Jason have a youtube account he posts his videos with?
  21. What did Jason update us on episode 51?
  22. What Greek philosopher does Jason hate?
  23. What did Jason get wrong about Brookers?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Knoxkast?