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  • I got 20% but guessed on 100% of the answers so yay me

    CreativeAugust05 Aug 15 '18, 2:35AM
  • Why did I take a quiz about a gay guy O.o

    XxSnowtuftxX Aug 23 '14, 11:42PM
  • hey he's mine man so you all need to back off. he's an amazing dance and singer. you have a nice body. your tattoo makes me go crazy about you.. I have knew every question about you.. I got the BieberFever.. call me anytime.. your number one fan.. your always lexie

    lexieboo Mar 20 '14, 12:17PM
  • hey justin bieber

    tiarafreeman Mar 9 '14, 6:00PM
  • he is not a good singer please

    cecelove Feb 25 '14, 6:48PM
  • I love you and your music

    madison03 Nov 12 '13, 2:24PM
  • I love you and your music

    madison03 Nov 12 '13, 2:18PM
  • shut up awesomegirl90 u don't know that plus Justin has a special voice that no one could beat!!so find something better else to do instead of making fun of JB and get a life!!!

    dawn345dawn Aug 5 '13, 12:06PM
  • Hey Justin I like ur music and u shouldn't listen to anybody else they just cant find anything better else to do instead of making fun of u ur music is great and it touches peoples heart especially mine keep singing and believe in urself every second of ur life and keep Selena she a keeper!ur biggest fan carissa

    dawn345dawn Aug 5 '13, 11:59AM
  • I think ur music is great Justin and u shouldn't let anyone judge that don't listen to anybody of wat they say keep singing and believe!all these other guys and girls hate u cuz of ur music no they dony there just jealous that they don't have a good enough voice that touches peoples heart ur biggest fan Carissa!

    dawn345dawn Aug 5 '13, 11:55AM
  • Why is Justin Bieber your fav? I think the band The Offspring is BETTER. Really. No offense, but he turned out to be a liar, a girl lover (no prob with that!) and a swearer. Really. I HATE him. I'm happy i didnt get a good score i was so bored to the point where i took this!
    I bet this is a good quiz to all you bieber fans, and I respect that :)
    He's just not my favorite guy :) HERE THAT SELENA?

    Omega_Wolf Jul 8 '13, 1:33PM
  • Why are all the bieber fans in capslock?

    Sunday1 May 22 '13, 11:01PM
  • I got 60% but I had all of the ansewer's right! I know that for a fact! I have known the ansewer's for like, age's, like omg! No, just no...

    SweetBug1998 Apr 7 '13, 3:52PM
  • I'm a big JB fan and i got 100%
    oh yes JB i absolutely love you, love you,love you and LOVE YOU

    Happy AJ Mar 20 '13, 9:58AM
  • I love you justin bieber .You are my favourit singer. i......L........o.. ........v.......... e you so much my quiz 100 % right

    gwen bieber Mar 17 '13, 4:34AM
  • i heart you justin. u r my favorite in the whole world. and you have a sexy british accent

    gibarra17 Dec 5 '12, 10:39PM
  • i love you justin will you be my bf i am by and 15 years old selena do not have to know about it

    WRIGHT Nov 22 '12, 9:24PM
  • yeah ur kinda right but its rude. ur saying justin bieber is making a mistake if im with him?! JUST BECAOUSE I DONT KNOW "SOMETHINGS" ABOUT HIM!?

    mochalatte Nov 8 '12, 6:54PM
  • Yeah...Spruce1 is right. Don't be making stupid comments about him. He is harmless and kind, even if he is a bad singer. I got 60% because of my best friend who knows everything about him! You all are total jerks for picking on him. Be ashamed 0.0

    SunnyDay Oct 14 '12, 9:36PM
  • all u haters out there making comments about bieber all of u have feelings and u take the feelings of a singer and u hurt Justins feelings just know what would it feel like if somebody said crap about u how would u feel then

    spruce1 Oct 9 '12, 10:47PM
  • i got 30 but idc because i only like him because of his hair and smiles the one who likes him is my friend miley

    hawaiirockstar Sep 20 '12, 2:57AM
  • hell yeah i got a 0% i like jb not like he's sexy hot and that like my sister says i thought he was gay but aperiently not because he had s** with Seleana Gomez

    awsomegirl90 Aug 8 '12, 9:09PM

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