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  • I hate Justin Beiber. No offence but he sucks balls.

    Victoria_Me Aug 3 '12, 4:29PM

  • Rainbowfeather5 Jul 29 '12, 10:31AM
  • omg justin bieber is mine cuz selena gomez is useing him to get her mom like justin biber mom i hate selena so bad

    mel birber Jul 9 '12, 4:53PM
  • i hate justi bieber and got a 20 lol see i do hate him i was just guessing

    kitothecool Jul 2 '12, 8:31PM
  • JUSTIN BIEBER YA I KNOW ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM LOL!!!!!!!!!! I AM A BIELEBER LOL AND I AM HIS #1 fan ever lol no one is going to take him away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.O oh so jdb loves dont touch him or i will track u down and kill u!!!!!!!!!! unless your selena gomaz then go ahead but none of u r sooooooooo stell the heck away ok bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! :) :$

    josellarodrigue Jun 29 '12, 9:05PM
  • Justin bieber? The best ever? More like the GAYEST ever.

    Puppydog Jun 14 '12, 4:27AM
  • I Have bieber fever and i dont care what people say about him his done nothing wrong to no one so i really dont get why people call him for what you really think your funny calling him well your not if your with me peopel of the world stand up and somthing !PLEASE!

    bethjade Jun 8 '12, 6:30PM
  • 30% geez. i dont even care about him!

    darkpanther May 17 '12, 4:19PM
  • Wth um justin does NOT have a crush on beyonce for one shes way older than him for two shes pregnant and for three he is dating selena and to all the haters of selena bc she and justin are dating if you really were so "in love" with justin you would just be happy with the fact thats hes happy with selena but only a TRUE fan could see that

    littleTiger May 5 '12, 12:57AM
  • LOL 60% and I'm not really a Belieber :DDD

    GLiTTERSWAG Apr 13 '12, 6:44PM
  • Justin bieber is nice and cute

    Brodyl Apr 9 '12, 1:59PM
  • Justin bieber is nice and cute

    Brodyl Apr 9 '12, 1:47PM
  • justin bever is a piece of s***!

    Depressed 07 Apr 8 '12, 7:32PM
  • i got 80%

    mykk2003 Apr 6 '12, 11:15AM
  • hey guys!why do u fight for justin.accordng 2 me urs is not a true love.its just infactuation.why should we love the person who dont love us nd u love him coz he is a singer but if is not, do u love him?stop fightng for him nd cheers.

    Deepika Mar 8 '12, 6:41AM
  • Ok all u guys sicken me 0_0

    thegirlwhat Feb 14 '12, 1:06AM
  • Dang it I got 10% I wanted 0. I HATE JUSTIN BEIBER!!!

    Dragon Keeper Jan 16 '12, 5:50PM
  • Omg I just got a 90 percent on the quiz I'm a justin Bieber freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

    ilovecuteboys Jan 13 '12, 9:32PM
  • i got 100% i love justin bieber he is the best!!

    angela 123 Dec 29 '11, 2:17PM
  • Really? Sam678--animallover 3344--88sonic88: Why do you hate Justin Bieber? I know that answer, it's because everybody else hates him to and you all want to part of that popular group!! What did he do so bad to you. Well, he didn't do anything to you because guess says that you've never met him. Ya, I used to hate him to but, now I love him because he's like anybody else out there. So, if you hate him so much why do you all like brag about hating him so much? Because inside you love him to death. That's why!! So, instead of being retarded just go off and do wutever you dumbfounded people that have bieberfever do! Not afraid to admit it, I might have Bieber Fever, wuts the difference. So if you're with me people of the world stand up and say something! PLEASE!!

    bieber101fever Dec 26 '11, 10:12PM
  • tykerria said:
    ii got a 100 because ii googled all the answers

    Same But I knew half of them!

    Claudeboycats Dec 4 '11, 9:10AM
  • ii got a 100 because ii googled all the answers

    tykerria Nov 28 '11, 10:36AM

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