Just the beginning Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Just the Beginning! If your confused read Closer Together because this series continues that :) Hope ya like this! Read on and don't forget to comment ideas and suggestions

Welcome to part 2 of Just the Beginning! If your confused read Closer Together because this series continues that :) hope ya like this!!! Read on! Don't forget to comment

Created by: stargazer5660

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  1. When we get to his house im amazed."You live in a mansion!?"I say staring at him. He laughs "yeah but I'm not proud of it. My parents think they're to good to live in a normal house" he stares at the ground. "Oh... Well wanna get inside and start on homework or whatever" I say, changing the subject. "Sure" he goes to the door and unlocks it. It's beautiful inside and I look around in amazement. "My rooms upstairs, its the one with all the homework on the floor obviously" Jason tells me. I laugh and start heading upstairs. He follows me up and we sit on his bed. "Sorry about all the papers, I'm doing a project on magic and if its real or not." He tells me. I drop my bag and books fall out onto the floor. "I, I'm sorry ummm ca- can I get a glass of water?" I say shakily. I look down and my hand is shaking. Then I feel a warmness and realize Jason is holding my hand. I look up at him and he walks me downstairs to get water. I try to calm down. "So do you believe in that magic stuff?" I ask trying to steady my voice. "I don't know..." he pauses, "but I think if someone did have powers,l they could use them to help people and fight against all the bad in the world". That's when I burst into tears. I slowly sit down on the floor and cover my face with my hands. "Skye... are you ok?" Jason whispers. "I couldn't save him" I say quietly and then I start crying again. "What do you mean? You couldn't save who?" He asks. I look at him, I know I can trust him. "I can't tell you but I can show you"
  2. "Put a glass on the table" I tell him. He does and I take a deep breath. I point my hand at the glass and quickly swipe my hand to the left. The glass moves to the left and falls off the table. I look at it as it smashes into pieces. "I'm sorry! I haven't learned to control it yet!"I say worriedly. He looks at me amazed. "That was awesome" he says quietly. "I can also read minds" I tell him. He stares at me and i laugh. "Don't worry I haven't read your mind." I tell him. He smiles a little, "You might wanna read it right now" he says and winks. I look at him curiously and read his mind. -I seriously want to kiss you right now- I blush and Jason smiles and holds my hand. I look at the clock, 7:05. "Oh no... I was supposed to be at home 2 hours ago" i say while running upstairs to grab my bag. "I can walk you home" Jason calls up to me. I slow down, "Ok" i smile and walk downstairs. We talk about school and ourselves on the way to the house. He walks me up to the porch. "I had a great time today, I'm glad I met you" he says softly. "Me too" I say, not letting go of his hand. He slowly leans in and all of a sudden we're kissing and I don't want to stop. The front door opens but I don't notice. "SKYE! WHAT IN THE WORLD!". I turn around quickly and my mom is staring at me. "Get in the house RIGHT. NOW."she says firmly. "Bye new guy" I say softly to Jason. He grins "Until tomorrow my lady" he says and goofily bows. I laugh and my mom pushes me into the house. "YOUR 2 HOURS LATE AND WHEN YOU COME HOME YOUR KISSING A GUY!?" she yells. "Um I didn't mean to be late. We were working on a homework assignment at his house" I tell her, which was technically true... Sort of. She points upstairs and I groan and go to my room. I shove my hands in my pockets and feel a piece of paper. I unfold it and a number is written on it along with 'Call me lol, See ya tomorrow! ~new guy' I laugh and start getting ready for bed. I stare at my bookshelf, I read all the books... No... "MOM I NEED YOU TO GO TO THE LIBRARY AND GET ME A BOOK" I yell. "It's TOO LATE" she yells from downstairs. "CANT YOU SLEEP WITHOUT ONE!?" she asks. "No... J can't sleep..." I whisper to myself. I sigh. Guess I'm staying up without a book tonight.
  3. I get up at 5am and walk to school. I don't know why I left early but I felt an urge too. I slowly open the school doors. Huh, unlocked already. I walk in and head towards my locker. I feel strong arms around me as I spin my locker combination. "Remember me?" A familiar voice says. I quickly turn around. I scream in shock and start to feel faint. "But how... When... I can't..." I start to stutter. And then I faint. It's a guy but not just any guy. It's Garrett.
  4. *Garretts POV* I look down at Skye and know she's not ready. Not ready for a battle, not ready for training... We have to be serious this time. We played around last time but I know she's moved on. But maybe too much. The thing she's not ready for, is to see Matt. Alive.
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