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  • Pretty much read all your quizzes within the last few days. I like them! It was fun seeing in a span of days how your writing improved in a time much longer for you. And totally didn't see Matt coming back, good one! :)

    And if you are interested in reading another story quiz, check mine out! It also is romance... :3

  • YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! MATT'S ALIVE?! OMG OMG OMG *explodes*

    *is swept with broom and dustpan by Star*

    I was so happy when Garrett thought that in his mind!!! Woohoooooooo! Whew. *tries to calm down*

    Jason can read minds, that is so cool. I really hope MC/me will be able to fight the bad guys better this time. I can't believe Matt is alive.

    *died of happiness*

  • Hope ya liked this part! Lol I know one person whose gonna be psyched that Matt's alive o3o

  • @CountryBayRythym7
    Thanks! That means alot :3
    And I will definitely check out yours!

  • @rhimicha
    O.O XD
    *Puts rhi back together*
    Haha yes Matt's back!


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