just a who will you fall for quiz part 9

Hello! This one is pretty dramatic. I got this out fast! *feels proud* I really, really exited for the next part! I worked quit hard this past month to get everything to tie together. But it's kinda long, so it might take a while to finish. Well, now for the really long discriptions!

Lucas- flippy dirty blonde hair. a player, but is really sweet to the people he truely loves. shining glass green eyes. the younger twin. Jacob- long blonde hair with light brown highlights. sweet, shy, and sensitive. deep forest green eyes. the older twin. Joseph- black side-swept hair that spikes up in the back so it looks like his head is a fireball. beautiful baby blue eyes. knows what he want, but doesn't always get it. **Carson- bright blonde hair that shine through anything and cover his eyes. your crush since grade 3. stunning chocolate brown eyes. **Rikki- short brunnette hair that sticks out in the front. blueish-greenish eyes that remind you of the ocean. he is known as the school's player, but convinced them other wise. **these guys aren't a choice, and don't show up often. but when they do, they change the story completly.

Created by: Hazdam
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  1. You finally get to Jacob and Lucas' house. "What happened?" you yell as you storm through the doors. Jacob comes running to you with red eyes and his face soaked with tears. "Hurry! I don't know what to do?" Budging past Jacob, you run into the kitchen. When you see Lucas, you can't help but fall to your knees in front of him and cry.
  2. He's lying motionless. He's not dead, but it seems like he will be at any moment. "What the f--k happened?" you yell at Jacob with clenched fists. "I don't know! I don't know." He starts brawling. You hold Lucas' hand and whisper, "How did this happen to you?" Out of the corner of your eye you see Jacob run out side. "Lucas..." You hold his hand tighter and fall asleep.
  3. Lying next to him, you start dreaming. ~~*~~"_____! Kill me. Kill me now!" Your lips tremble fists clutched. Be fore you know it, you have a gun in your hand. "Please, I beg you! I'm hurting so much. I'd rather be dead, than be in pain!" The person is on his knees and his eyes are flooded in tears. Without control, your arm raises. You try to out your hand down, but instead you pull.**~**
  4. You wake up flailing your arms on a chouch screaming. Jacob comes running in with his eyes still puffy and red. "Are you okay?" he says sitting next to you. You shake your head and give him a big hug. You tell him about your dream. "Hmm, maybe you were dreaming what he's thinking." "Does this mean he wants us to kill him?" "Probrally, but I won't let that happen. /the ambulances I called for finally came." he sighs. "_____, you should get some sleep. You mom called she said you don't have to go to school this week and that you can stay here tonight." he kisses your forehead and walks away.
  5. You wake up the next day. Jacob is sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. He doesn't know you awake, but you hear him mumble a few words, "...plan...soon...destroy...mine..." You decide to walk into the kitchen. "Jacob..." you say as you put your hand on him shoulder. "The hospital called. They say we can go see Lucas. Do you wanna go?"
  6. "Sure. But Jacob, you should get some sleep. You look horrible." He looks at you. "How can I sleep what my brother is nearly dead? Huh, ____? How?" he yells throwing his arms around. Your eyes go down and mummble, "Oh..." Jacob frowns and stands up. He places his hands on your shoulder. "I'm so sorry, _____. I'm just a bit upset." "Hey, don't blame your self. How 'bout we pay Lucas a little visit?" Jacob smiles and holds your hand. He brings you to his car and drives to the hospital.
  7. "Hello! How can a help you?" a nurse says cheerfully. "We're here to see Lucas Smith. I'm his brother Jacob, and this a ______. A friend." She smiles and makes a motion for you to follow her.
  8. Before she opens the door, she says, "Please be quiet. He's still sleeping." You both nod and enter the room. When you see Lucas, your eyes well up right away. "Please don't cry." says a hoarse voice. "Lucas?" "The one and only." Smiling, you run to his bed.
  9. He's lying on a white bed. His face a swollen, his head his wrapped, and he has a neck brace.. Both of his arms are in casts and one of his legs are raisen, and his other leg is wrapped in an elastic bandage. Jacob walks up behind you and says, "How are you feeling?" "Like hell. But it's just a few scars and broken bones." Lucas smiles hopefully.
  10. "____, if you don't mind. I'd like to talk to Jacob alone." Lucas says. You smile and respectfully leave. "Hey! wait for me outside 'kay?" Right when you close the door, you hear speaking. Even though you know it's rude to eavsedrop, you can't help but over hear. "Who did this to you?" Jacob yells, "I swear, who ever did this to you will pay." "Woah bid-bro. Don't do anything stupid, alright? I'll tell you, IF you don't kill, or hurt him like the last guy who hurt me last time." "Fine. But the other guy deserved it."
  11. "He has, uh, shorter hair or something. He's close to _____. That's all I got. I don't know what his name is though..." "I do." Jacob says sternly." "Who?"
  12. "Either that Rikki guy, or even worse, Joseph."

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