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Alot of people think they know about First People but they can't take this quiz. If you think you know alot of stuff about first People then go ahead and try it.

Do you alot of stuff on the First People? Take this quiz and find out. If you get a high score then congratulations but if not then to bad.

Created by: jen of this site
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  1. Where did the Northwest Coast People live?
  2. What did the Northwest Coast people eat?
  3. What were the Plains peoples?
  4. Who did the Plains people honor?
  5. What was the man role of the men?(Iroquoian People)
  6. What was one of the Iroquian's main food?
  7. Where did the Algonquian people live?
  8. What did the Algonquian People live in?
  9. Who was highly respected by children?
  10. What does Nomadic mean?

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