Jay's Revenge guessing quiz

It all started when 3 kits where born. The Lion, the Holly berries, and the Jay. Jaykit was mocked and teased by his litter mates. His anger rised as more cats teased him. He was hungry for power and revenge....

Can you guess Jay's life in this random guessing quiz. At the end, you will see what rank Jay has put you in his friends list. If you take this quiz, you become Jay's friend. Depending on your score, the rank could go up..... YAY

Created by: Wolfcat47
  1. Hello.you have to guess this because not even one chapter is even out :D Now tell me. Who is Jay?
  2. How did Jay get his claw marks on his face
  3. Who was Jay's kittypet friend
  4. Now this goes in his beginning life What are Jaykit's problems
  5. How did Jay kill Lionpaw and Hollypaw LP= Lionpaw HP= Hollypaw
  6. Who was Jay's competition for getting Shadow as a mate
  7. Who are the name of Shadow and Jay's kits
  8. Are you enjoying learning about Jay's life and being a stalker to him :3
  9. How did Shadow die ( ;( ) and how old where the kits
  10. Who killed Jay
  11. Who killed Jay's spirit
  12. Now read this passage.... "Father." Brambleclaw turned to Jay. "It's me.... Jaykit. The same scars for when I fell off of High Rock. Same fur pattern. You loved me, I'm sorry I hade to turn out like this...." Brambleclaw screeched. Cats turned and noticed on the ground was the missing kit of ThunderClan. "NO please don't go Jaykit." Jay's spirit was starting to fade. "I'm sorry dad, this is the end of me. Take care of my kits and Lion. Cloud agreed to let the BloodClan cats join any of these clans. Now that Fire is dead along with his spirit. But anyway...." Jay cough up blood. Lion was next to his brother crying. Wolves me cats weeped as the lost kit was dying. "I'll always remember you, I love you dad." And that's when Jay's spirit disappeared. "NOOOOO!!!" Brambleclaw cried out. Lion padded forward. He cried along with his father. "He was a great son, and never knew the truth like you already knew Lion. I'm just glad he called me father at his last breathes. Even though I'm not." The rest of the night was weeping for the lost of that kind, loving, brave kit. And that kit was Jay." That was the end of Jay's life. Otay did you like this random quiz

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