The Guessing Game, My Hair

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I have just started to grow my hair long, so I decided to create a guessing quiz to find out if YOU possess the seventh sense. Good luck too you!

I know this is a guessing quiz, but I have left some hints to the answers. See if you can identify them. Read the parting words to figure out the clue.

Created by: ManeGuess
  1. Out of these 6 people, which of these do I look MOST like?
  2. Using the guess you just made, what differs from me and that person?
  3. What differs from me and this person AGAIN?
  4. How long do I plan to grow my hair?
  5. Why am I growing it long?
  6. What color is my hair?
  7. What is my hair type?
  8. What is my hair thickness?
  9. What color are my eyes?
  10. How do I like or want it to be like on a typical day?

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