How Long Should My Hair Be? Part 1 Main Test

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I am sure you have wondered how long your hair should be. After spending hours and hours, digging deep into the mind, I have come up with a 110 quiz (broken down into 3 quizzes, don't worry) for this problem men. We all want to know if we should wave our manes, or keep it nice and simple.

After taking the first quiz, follow the directions to the next quiz. Also, write down what length you got and the percentage. WRITE IT DOWN. You need to. And, when you finish the quiz, get the hair length you get, because that actually should be your real hair length. Also, the second quiz. Take the one with the picture of the guy with loose brown hair, not the guy with hair in a brown ponytail. The real second test looks like the picture for this quiz.

Created by: Vira Dash
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How tall are you?
  2. What is your hair type?
  3. How thick is your hair?
  4. What is your hair color?
  5. How long is your hair right now?
  6. How long do you want it to be?
  7. What is your face shape? (Look it up if you don't know)
  8. What is your nose type? (Look it up if you don't know)
  9. What is your eye type? (Look it up if you don't know)
  10. What is your eye color?
  11. Any blemishes?
  12. What is your facial hair like?
  13. Are your ears pierced?
  14. Do you have any tattoos?
  15. What is your ethnic background like?
  16. What is your body frame like?
  17. What is your body mass like?
  18. Your arms...
  19. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
  20. You would describe yourself as...
  21. You are...
  22. You are an...
  23. The best way you can learn new things is by...
  24. What is your skin tone?
  25. Your neck is..
  26. Which sounds coolest on a guy with long hair?
  27. For these next 12 questions imagine a good looking, muscular guy. In each question, I will change the length of his hair. Answer "yes" if you think it looks cool. Answer "no" if you think it looks bad No hair
  28. Buzz cut
  29. Short
  30. Touching the ears
  31. Collar length
  32. Not quite shoulder length, but not quite collar length
  33. Shoulder length
  34. Mid back length (clay matthews)
  35. Nipple length
  36. Below the pecs length
  37. Waist length
  38. Longer than any of these?
  39. How do you feel about your hair?
  40. How much time do you spend on your hair?
  41. From age 12 to your current age, what was the shortest your hair has ever been?
  42. What is the longest it's ever been ?
  43. How short would you ever cut your hair?
  44. What is the longest you would ever grow your hair?
  45. How do your parents feel about long hair?
  46. What sport did you play?
  47. What was your best subject in high school?
  48. Final question. What is your favorite boom genre?

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