Can you read me like a book?

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Welcome to the Guessing Game, where you will be guessing every inch of my life! Well, almost every inch of it. Can you read me like Obama reads the newspaper? In other words, do you know a lot about me?

Can you guess your heart out at this, and spare your giving life for every given moment of this quiz I made for special? Please don't guess RAINBOW or I will kill your puppy dog Toto.

Created by: AllHailLelouch
  1. What's my favorite time of day?
  2. How many cats do I have?
  3. How many dogs do I have?
  4. Am I herbivore or carnivore?
  5. Do I play any instruments? IF i do, how many?
  6. (Dont kill me! PLEASEEE xP) What's my favourite colour?
  7. What's my fav band of all time? Bet you can't get this one right xP
  8. What color's my hair?
  9. Oh yea, am I guy or girl?
  10. AM I obsessed with horror movies?
  11. And how old am I of course?
  12. What color do I like to wear, hm??/
  13. My fav..yes, video game?
  14. Have I intentionally stomped on anyone?
  15. Do I have short temper?
  16. Do I have medical condition? :S

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Quiz topic: Can I read me like a book?