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Kaltxí! There are many dangers and beauties on the moon of Pandora. This quiz tests your knowledge of those, and your knowledge on some general trivia about the movie Avatar.

Take this quiz to find out if you really remember what went down in the movie Avatar. Can you pass and please Eywa? Or will you fail and disgrace yourself in the eyes of the Na’vi deity?

Created by: Neytiri

  1. Who plays Jake Sully?
  2. Who plays Neytiri?
  3. Who are Neytiri’s parents?
  4. Who is the Na’vi deity?
  5. What does RDA stand for?
  6. What is the name of the moon where the Na’vi live?
  7. What is the RDA trying to get?
  8. What clan is Neytiri in?
  9. Who plays general Miles Quaritch?
  10. Who plays Parker Selfridge?
  11. What is Neytiri’s banshee named?
  12. Who plays Trudy Chacon?
  13. What is the Na’vi name for banshees?
  14. What does Jake do to regain the Na’vi’s trust?
  15. Who said “You’re not in Kansas anymore, you’re on Pandora”?
  16. What did the Na’vi call the humans?
  17. What did the Na’vi call the Avatar bodies?
  18. What were the jellyfish-like creatures that landed on Jake, causing Neytiri to spare his life?
  19. How many legs do all creatures on Pandora (except the Na’vi) have?
  20. Who does Jake choose as his mate?
  21. What year is Avatar set in?
  22. What is Jake chased by that separates him from Grace and Norm?
  23. The movie starts and ends with what?
  24. Where does Neytiri take Jake to mate?
  25. What is the bond that the Na’vi and avatars make with animals/each other called?
  26. How does Quaritch die?
  27. Complete the quote: “Don’t play with that, you’ll __ ______”
  28. Which of these is NOT a creature found on Pandora?
  29. What year did Avatar come out?
  30. Who directed Avatar?

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