how well do you know avatar?

Okay, so are you taking my avatar quiz? remember, this is not only avatar the last air bender. this is also a quiz about, avatar the legend of korra!

so, you finally decided to try out my quiz about avatar. well, if you're wondering how good you are, find out in around six or seven minutes... GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Azaan mohamed

  1. who is the last air bender?
  2. who discovered the avatar?
  3. where was the avatar discovered?
  4. why does Zuko need to capture the avatar?
  5. does Zhao die?
  6. what is the name that Sokka first gives the assassin that Zuko hired?
  7. what is the name that sokka finally gives the assassin that zuko hired?
  8. what does katara do with the man who killed her mother
  9. who said, "come on aang, everyone here eats meat...even the meat!"
  10. who said, "I'm never happy,"
  11. OK, here comes the legend of korra, ready
  12. who is the avatar after aang
  13. who is korra most attracted to in the 1st season?
  14. who is korra's best animal friend.
  15. what kind of animal is paabu?
  16. what happens after harmonic conversions
  17. what else happens after harmonic conversions
  18. who is the evil one in season one?
  19. who is the evil one in season two?
  20. how many kids does tenzin have after the newborn is born
  21. tenzin has two siblings one is kya and the other is ______. fill the blank

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Quiz topic: How well do I know avatar?