It's Aria, with some bad news =/ {Aria's}

I'm not in the mood to write this paragraph at the moment. Just read the quiz to find out. I feel like s--- at the moment because of reasons you will read.

I miss my Mummy. I love her with all my heart and I hope she gets better. She's my life and soul and without her, i wouldn't be able to live. Mummy, I love you.

Created by: Aria
  1. Hi guys. Aria here *waves* Um, well before I get into telling you what bad news I have for you guys, let me give you a sneak peak at part six of Noitect is Activated. Bear with me, because I'm going through a difficult time, especially with school.
  2. ~People were starting to walk in and the girls shot me dirty looks. Seeing that, Marcus reacted instantly. He crashed my lips onto his and obviously, kissed me. I felt butterflies in my stomach so I let the kiss go on for long. When we pulled apart, some guys were standing there, looking at me like "what the hell did Marcus just do, she's ugly." In those guys, I spotted Tristen. He was in shock. I gaped at him, rage and hurt bubbling in my stomach. He turned away and walked with the guys. The party was going on and girls were throwing themselves at Stefan who completely ignored them.~
  3. Okay so today made it the end of the second week of school. How was it? Mostly enjoyable except for my Math teacher and my Chemistry teacher. Math teacher looks like Nanny Agatha from Jessie, except she doesn't have the mole and the british accent. She's irritating the same way and it's annoying. Also, the Chemistry teacher is the worst. Everyone in school agrees that she cannot teach properly to students but she's still teaching in the school. Sometimes I question the education system. It's just difficult for me to understand. Anyway, the Chemistry teacher accused us of knowing something we didn't know. That particular topic was highly difficult for us to understand and us not knowing it made her angry with us. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?! WE DIDN'T LEARN IT IN GRADE NINE SO HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT IN GRADE TEN?!
  4. Okay the bad news is.....My mother had a heart attack. No, she's not dead but she's in the hospital fighting for her life. I didn't want to go to the hospital because when I saw the state my mother was in, I got weak and I have had bad experiences with hospitals. Anyway, I am praying for Mummy because to be quite honest, my mother is my best friend, my homework buddy, my teacher, my mother, my sister, my father, my brother, my entire family in one. She means the world to me and I love her. I can't bear to see her in this state because it reminds me of my uncle. Okay, let's NOT get into that.
  5. My bubbly attitude is gone for the while, until my mother gets better. For the first time, I am going to say skip the rest of questions.
  6. Skip
  7. Skip
  8. Skip
  9. Skip
  10. Stay Strong Mummy ♥

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