Is Your Mom Expecting a Baby?

My mom just had a baby, so I am an expert on the subject!! I watched my mom and asked frequent questions as to what it was like!! So I consider myself worthy to make this quiz!!

Do you think your mom is having a baby? Do you want to know for sure? If so, you should take this quiz, which will help you determine whether or not your mom is pregnant!! Hope it works!

Created by: analisa markington
  1. Does your mom eat more than usual??
  2. Does her stomach look a little bigger??
  3. Does she ask you if you like babies??
  4. Has your mom thrown up recently??
  5. Does your mom wear dresses more than before??
  6. Does your mom go to bed earlier than usual??
  7. Does she still work??
  8. Does she like to eat things that she didn't eat as much before??
  9. Would you like a little brother/sister??
  10. Does your family suddenly like babies??

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Quiz topic: Is my Mom Expecting a Baby?