All About Baby Keller

My brother Josh & his wife Staci are expecting their first child in June. They live in South Carolina & we only get to see them about once a year. So, while I won't get to see the baby often, I can still wonder what he/she will be like.

Now you can help me guess the answers to some of questions I've been pondering. Like boy/girl, how much will it weigh, what will they name him/her? Answer these few simple questions & give me your opinion.

Created by: Aunt Sue of this site
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  1. Will Baby Keller be a bouncing baby boy or a beautiful baby girl?
  2. Will Baby Keller weigh less than 8 pounds at birth?
  3. Will Baby Keller weigh more than 8 pounds at birth?
  4. Will the baby look like Josh or Staci?
  5. When will Baby Keller make its entrance? Staci is due June 22nd.
  6. Just for fun, what will the baby be when it grows up?
  7. How many siblings will Baby Keller have?
  8. Where will Baby Keller go to college?
  9. What will Baby Keller's first memory be?
  10. If Baby Keller is a boy, what should he be named? Answers are straight off Josh's quiz.
  11. If Baby Keller is a girl, what will they name her? Again, answers are straight off Josh's quiz.

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