Is Your House Haunted?

Many people believe that they are haunted, when most of the time there's a disjunction with their house, or they just watch to much YouTube and horror films. Nobody can ever 100% assure that supernatural spirits are real.

Is your house HAUNTED? Do you hear strange noises at night and always wonder the truth behind them? Well here's the quiz for you, just answer all of these questions truthfully and see your outcome!

Created by: JC Ndoci
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  1. Do you feel like somebody is watching you when you are alone?
  2. Do certain objects inside of your house move (without seeing it happen)?
  3. Do you tend to see figures in the corner of your eyes that disappear when looking that direction?
  4. Have any of your friends or family members passed away recently?
  5. Do you have a religious belief?
  6. Do you watch many horror films?
  7. Do you hear voices, loud noises or even pets barking?
  8. Do you have noisy neighbours?
  9. Do you believe in supernatural beings?
  10. Finally, have you ever used a Oujia/Spirit board?

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Quiz topic: Is my House Haunted?