Is your house haunted?

Some people question whether or not there is paranormal activity in their house. So, I gathered information from www. ghosts. com , and based my questions on the info on that site.

Do you think YOUR house is haunted? Take this quiz and find out. Remember, answer honestly, this quiz is REAL. It is designed to help you with paranormal acitviy! Good luck!

Created by: CoolPerson#

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  1. Do you feel watched in a certain place in you house?
  2. Do you hear moaning in the night?
  3. Have there been reported deaths nearby?
  4. Do doors slam alot by them self
  5. Do you recive multiple emails that dont make any sense or tell you get out?
  6. Do you see shadows on the walls hat cannot be explained?
  7. Do you have dreams when stranger seems to try to tell you something but cant seem to speak?
  8. Do you have dreams where you die?
  9. Have you ever seen flash back of other peoples memorys?
  10. Have you ever wittnessed a death and thought is was your fault?

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Quiz topic: Is my house haunted?