Is your fashion good

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This quiz will determine if you need help choosing an outfit or not.take this test if you want to know if people approve your outfit or not.If you want to know take this now.

Well let's find out and start taking this awesome test. What do you think you'll get on this quiz a you are so good at fashion or get some help right no let's not get waiting and let's find out with this amazing and simple quiz you can take right now.

Created by: Alley

  1. Do you wear hammer pants
  2. Do you like docs
  3. Do you wear crops
  4. Do you wear scrunched on hair or wrist
  5. Do you like rumpers
  6. What store is better
  7. Do you wear a lot of body suits
  8. Do you wear pink alot
  9. Do you like adidas
  10. Do yo like ripped or non ripped jeans and shorts

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Quiz topic: Is my fashion good