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This is a quiz to help fellow Robloxians find out their styles, or test to see if they’re truly what they think! If you’re happy with your style and don’t want to change, but get a different result on the quiz, you do NOT have to change. This is purely for fun!

Creds to me for the avatars, all except GamerBoy. The GamerBoy outfits were my cousins’. Creds to LavenderBlossom for giving me inspo on the preppy outfit, ( I’m LOST in that land of pink 😅) and creds to WillowFrog for helping me figure out the desc for Cottage Core.

Created by: Addy
  1. What is your favorite color scheme when making avatars.
  2. What season are your avatars dressed for? (Winter, jackets, earmuffs etc., Summer, short sleeves, skirts, etc.)
  3. How popular do you think your style is
  4. How do you act in Roblox games
  5. What are your favorite games?
  6. Do you support poor Robloxians/Bacons?
  7. I think this is it, so I’m gonna fill this question with some facts; Creds to me for avatar all the avatars except GamerBoy, because those are my cousins’. Also, if your desc sounds mean, just remember this quiz is for fun and no hate on any specific style! Good Luck!
  8. How often do you play Roblox?
  9. How many times have you gotten banned?
  10. Did u know the cover are my avatars?

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