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  • @Darthvado look up Brandon Sanderson's lectures on YouTube - they've helped me a lot. Also download or buy "Alchemy with Words - the Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy" and the 2 sequels. When you finish all of that you'll have a better understanding of how to do the "not-boring" and they'll teach you about info-dumps and how to avoid them. Also, 0% cliche!

  • 39% not terrible. Mine kind of reminds me of hunger games, mainly because its a distopian society in the future (nothing else in common though plus there's tons of books like that like Divergent and such) anyways it's kind of sort of not really like the Hunger Games with a medival twist. I think it's coming out pretty well and i love to think of ideas for it. That is all.

  • 2% BOO-YEAH! And most of my characters are white too AND it's in a fantasy world xD I've been making sure that I'm not being clich with anything while trying to make it a comical fun story to read. I've been taking clich quizzes and so far my highest rating has been a 6%. I'm hoping this book I'm writing is going to be the most freaking intense thing anyone's ever read!!

  • 34% I think that's not bad, but I think I would've gotten lower if there were more answers to the questions insted of just yes or no. I think it's okay to take from a few stories and movies, just don't make it stand out like you're copying.

  • 0% Cliche! I've gotten the same on all sites I've tested it on. Good, 'cuz I thought the idea was pretty interesting. YAY/

  • Woo, 0% b----es! Probably got a lot of points cause it's set in fantasy india so no white main characters and not based on europe.

  • Cool, 0% cliche! But I do have writers block, since I'm trying not to make it boring... and it kinda is...

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