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  • I tested my OC Charlie. Hes a superhero that does not like to be one. His whole life he wanted to be a dancer or fashion designer, but his parent (its a guy that simply stolled him from the orphanage) wanted to make him a superhero. At school all the girls loved him for his love for dance and beauty, despite of him being gay.

    30% Mary Sue, not bad!

  • I tested my OC, Lullaby. Lullaby is one of the Six Gardian Angels, although she is angel of dreams, she is gardian of moon, it's complicated, but it's a cool story, at least thats what others say, heh. I got twenty percent mary sue, not bad, I like how it's low, so it's NOT a mary sue, yet it is slightly above, so it's not so BORING. I enjoyed this quiz, it was very nice and logical

    ten stars!

    Mizuki Koneko
  • I used this to rate my half-ghost character, Eve Rowley. 10% Mary Sue, apparently! ^^

    btw I laughed when I saw that you mentioned Danny Phantom - she's from his world.

  • Ayy! Derry’s not a Mary Sue! She’s meant to be the daugher of The Candyman, but less crazy. That’s all I got about her. She’s 0% Mary Sue, surprisingly. :) I enjoy this quiz. It actually makes me feel good about my OCs. Lol.

  • 10%

    Thank you! :) This goes to my character, Blaine. She is original! Thank you so much, I loved this quiz!

    Gave me inspiration to continue my story.
    10/10 I rate :)


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