"ThErE ArE Alot Of AthLEtES ,BUt nOnE AS SEXy AS A SoCCEr PlAYER!" AfTerAlL, WHats so kool about kicking a ball and chasing it.? WHAt ISNt It KoOl? WELl HERe IS tHE WAy To Find Out IF YouRE OnE Of tHe SEXYS Or THE UGLYS!!

IS SoCcEr THE WoRLD FOR You?? IS It All You ThInk ABout?? DO YoU TALK AbOut It ALl thE tiME?? DO You ARGUE BEtWEEn WHAt TEaMS ArE tHE bEST?? WElL ThANKS To ThIs QuiZ YoU Can NoW FInd OuT HOw mUch SOCCEr reVoLVEs AROUnd YouR LIFE!!

Created by: amazon

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  1. DO YOU Have a favorite team youve always like??
  2. HAvE You PlaYED oN A tEAM?
  3. DO yOu WAtCh SoCCER gAmES?
  4. DO YoU HAVE THE SOCceR GEAr?? (ClEETEs, ShiNGaurdS, JeRSEyS, BALLS ecT.)
  5. DoES SOCceR RuN In THE FamIlY?
  6. HoW mUCh DO You PLaY IT??
  7. IS Your HouSe, Car, ClOtHES,SOCcer RELatED??
  8. Do YoU AlWAYS Think/ tAlK ABoUt SoCCER?
  9. IS YoUr ImAgInAry BoYFRIEND/ GiRLFriNED A SoCeR PlAyEr!?
  10. do You ReALly WanT tO kNOw hOw mucH sOcceR is iN yOUr life?
  11. Do YoU FiGHT WitH PeoPLE To DeFEnD YouR FAvORITE TEAm??

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